REST IN PEACE Brittany Murphy


Our beloved Brittany Murphy died today, dear Friends. Sources said she was rushed to hospital yesterday after suffering a full cardiac arrest. I was literally got chocked up when I watched E! Breaking News on breakfast this morning.

This girl steal my heart from her famous debut in Clueless as Tai. Clueless has been a great great grow-up teacher for me. I adore their dresses there. Then how we love her as Sarah on Just Married and also as Molly Gun on Uptown Girl. She is as lovely as her wavy blonde hair. I love that whenever she played as a girly person she never fail. There are still a lot number of her screen project but I just saw a little of it. They are Sin City, playing with Eminem at 8 Mile, Little Black Book, Girl, Interupted, and so on...Ahhh yaa..don't forget we also used to hear her voice as Gloria on Happy Feet


I love  We love you, Brit. So sad you gone so fast. 

 Deepest condolences to her friends and family.

ps. Image source mostly from Wikipedia, the rest, I googled it.


  1. hey! i posted the same thing on my blog! hehe but not the same at all hehe.come check my new post yaaa hope you like it!

  2. Thanks again kak. ^_^

    I'm so sad, about her. I Love her movie, the ramen girl. Hiks hiks. Good bye brit.

    Ohh yeah, i already add you on facebook, my name stella marcella nongka hahaha. :) :)

  3. I'm literally in shock reading this news!!
    I've always adore her quirkiness..she will definitely be missed..RIP Brit..

  4. Yea yea! bye bye ramen girl.

    Oh gosh! she's so pretty!

  5. what what what ???
    OMG i can't believe it -_-
    I watched all of her movies and loved it all soooo much
    especially JUST MARRIED with aston kutcher
    Too fast

  6. oh Lord...wht a loss. she was so talented. i loved her movies. U're gonna b missed! RIP dear Britt


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