Hi there !!!

Life is so damn hectic around me. It's near my final design studio so I am 'wasting' my time in forn of laptop doing anything I can do to prepare my final presentation. Idk but i don't have any spirit to post something maybe later on, when I finally finish it all up.

In the mean time please do wish me a greaaaatttt luck for my finals.

Ohhh, I almost forget, I just won Nefertiti Jewelz Twitter Quiz,,yaaaayyyyy!!! the price is worth 100k, I can't wait for their 'effortlessly stylish' stuff arrived in front of my door..yippiee...do follow them on twitter @nefertitijewelz or check their facebook fan page NEFERTITI JEWELZ.

I also have another thing to share with you. Meet Michelle from Glisters and Blisters here! I just found her blog a few days ago and instantly fell in love with it. And as for now, she has giveaways contest. They are two uber-cool scarf, splattered pattern and tie dyed one. Interested? click here and do participate. Me? of course I'm participating!!!
I believe it's a wrap!!! I wish you have a very great week(s) coming up. Idk when I will be able to post something again around this two weeks but I promise to see you again after I finish all of these damn finals. Soooo..see you when I see you!!! ^^


  1. Just entered this :) a great give-away!

    I absolutely love your blog header! It's fantastic!

  2. oh that's too cool! congrats !!

  3. Thank You Jasmine!!

    Thank you Ilse!!!

    I love you soooo muuucchhh!!!

    thank you for commenting, such an honor for me...


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