it's just not my luck

actually this photo is taken to join the Chino-look contest from Fashionese Daily. But somehow I can't submit my photo and I don't know why, it keeps bringing me to the blank page after hitting the submit icon. Gaahhhh, maybe it's just not my luck :D



it's hard but it makes me even stronger

This photo taken on first few days I'm allowed to go out for place other than campus after being hospitalized and bed-rested for nearly two weeks. Me and my college friends were having a small meeting with Cilandak Town Square (kinda malls in south Jakarta) management for my campus next events. The cost is way beyond our budget but there are still lots of way to do the agreement. So wish us luck, guys!!

Cotton Ink Boxy Tee in light turquoise 
Gaudi Basic grey tights
Nefertiti Jewelz necklace
Shop Dirty Diamond leopard scarf
unbranded bag bought at BaBe
unbranded shoes bought at Diaz Boutique
skinny belt bought at Metro


(thanks to my most beloved photographer boyfie)



thursday riot, almost can't handle it

Got a last minute invitation from Cleo Magazine, thanks to Mbak Nitra who contacted me to get my invitation right on Thursday hahahaha couple hours before the scheduled date. However, I actually have full day class schedule on Thu so it's pretty hectic to me who 'take-off' from home at 6am and landed back about 11-ish at night. But I managed to handle it all thanks to my great boyfriend who always stand beside me to help me this and that.

I was not in the shopping mood last thursday plus I have some kind of commitment to due to Easter Day, so I didn't shop much and I was surprised I am able to do only IDR 70,000 expenses for Cotton Ink. It broke my commitment though but hey, who can't resist Cotton Ink *sorry dear Lord*.
The place was pretty crowd too, considered it was an invitation only event at first few hours, and getting worse when it was open for public later at night. *sigh* Sweat is all over my body, even though I already got one shoulder tank top. Pretty disappointing too coz some stuff are pretty much the same with the previous Brightspot Market and so does the booth decor. Or maybe it's just me who easily get bored? I don't know, it is totally my humble personal opinion.

Managed to meet tons of people there and busy with taking picture, I am thankful for such experience I got there, thank you Brightspot team. (being able to do little spending is sitting on the top of my thankful list :D)

Intan, Mala, and Me meet Lalitia there

with Winda, we got trapped in Mampang traffic jam for quite a while and managed to go from Depok to Pacific Place in one hour, geeezzz 'Enjoy Jakarta'!!!

in fully-packed Naima booth. In love with the shape but not with the patent material, it's too shiny. 
btw, I'm wearing Nikicio signature dress in jersey black (worn as one shoulder outer), Zara strip tank, unbranded black tights and handbag, Retail Therapy three-straps grey flats, and random jewelries.

this is my two most-favorite booth decor. Geulis (upper) and The Balletcats (lower). Love Geulis' backdrop of patchwork and some of it are Batik pattern! also love The Balletcats giant signature icon, feel like I wanna buy that instead of their unique t-shirt :)

meet some blogger friends there, Tysha, Mirra, and Lalita.  I've seen Diana Rikasari, Heidy Kalalo, and Gricia too but too bad I couldn't be able to be near enough to greet them. Ah, and I'm sorry T and M for the bad photo quality, looks like our spot isn't bright enough to make a good picture. Btw, love Tysha's gold top and Mirra's heels.

my one and only findings at this event, a shawl from Cotton Ink. I have to admit that when I saw the booklet they gave me on Brighstpot at home later, I regret that I didn't buy some of their new pieces. Their booth is waaay too crowded it's really hard for me to choose anything, it's me who need several time to decide what to buy, surely not your fault dear C n R :). Now all I can do is hoping there will be some left for me, which is pretty impossible hahaha. But this Rosette on Rosette classic tubular shawl could made me satisfied at the moment, love the color, love the material, and hate the reality that I can't get enough of it *no I'm kidding, love it actually*

(left to right) my college girls: sekar, me, mala, winda, and intan

thank you, Brightspot Market surely we'll see you again next time.



Oscar 2010, what a show!

 Warm Hello!!
As we might know, that Oscar's Night is just aired on TV! Did you managed to see it? Well as for me, I was mesmerized by the stage set at the Kodak Theater on that night. The stage is so fabulous in my eyes, the arch at the front edge, the backgrounds, everything!! for those of you who haven't seen it yet, take a look!!

this is the design made by David Rockwell
 (image courtesy of fastcompany.com)

this is how he came up with
(image courtesy of vimooz.com)

Seeing this made me said to myself, I would love to design that kind of thing someday, somehow! :D. Not enough for you? worry not. This is the performance of So You Think You Can't Dance contestants on Oscars Night. They performed a dance adapted from the Oscars nominee movie. Take a look, satisfaction guarantee.

(video courtesy of sytycdism.com and thanks to Lalitia who has tweeted this link) 

Oscar might be the last show this year and seemed like the stars really take it seriously. The red-carpet show is awesome, everyone came up with their best style and it's hard to find the wardrobe malfunction player this time. Take a look at my personal choices of best dressed nominee.

(all images below courtesy of Just Jared)

 I have to admit that this is my first time seeing KStew on haute couture, and she looks pretty gorgeous in this beautiful strapless gown by Monique Lhuillier. I hope she stays like this until the Eclipse premiere heehee.

a navy gown by Valentino accompanied with nude peep-toe pumps looks fabulous on Mimi. I personally love it and might want some for me, please!!!

I believe this is the very first time printed dress looks haute on red carpet. Rachel McAdams looking flawless on Elie Saab Haute Couture. love love love!!!

I love Anna Kendrick make-up and hairdo. It looks very young and sweet, definitely gonna copy this for my uncle's big wedding later. And this style are perfectly matched the sweet Elie Saab Haute Couture nude pink dress and Judith Lieber clutch.

Zoe, daughter of Lenny Kravitz looking effortlessly stunning with this velvet-cream gown. And the big bow at her back detail is kinda cute. Sadly, I can't find any info about who is she wearing. 

I love her Marchesa dress, I love her sleek hair, I love her make-up, and I love to see her winning her Best Actress in a Leading Role Nomination for The Blind Side!!! YAAYYY!!! She has been my favorite actress since Speed! And she is really perfect for my BEST DRESSED award!!

the story hasn't ended yet, I forgot to mention this on my previous post. I want to send a big bunch of thank you to B'Girl Magazine for featuring me and some of my fab blogger friends on their March edition. Well, this was not my best picture since I kinda believe this was the first pose that I'm not ready yet -_-'' but still I gotta be thankful for that. Thanks guys!!!

I promise you that outfit post will come out in no times! I haven't find any reason to go out and dress up since everyone around me keep on yelling at me to get some rest due to my accident wounds. I'm feeling totally great, though, so maybe I'll push them to allow me out in couple of days :D.

p.s. for those of you who haven't read my previous post, and wondering where the hell I've been for quite some time, you might want to read this, click click!

In the mean time, please take a good care of yourself. continue a ser fabuloso cada dia, vê-lo em um piscar de olhos.


I know time will heal, those love that surround me will make it even faster

Hello there!!

I've been missing you all like hell. Deeply sorry for being in a hiatus. It's been ages since I did my last post. So, I had a motorbike accident two weeks ago, when I was using ojeg (a public transportation using a motorbike in Indonesia) inside my campus area. The story is kinda stupid actually because this is all my fault, the ojeg rider did absolutely nothing wrong. I was extremely sleepy that time and I lost my balance and fell off to the ground hahaha, I know it's silly. Thank God, when it happened, my boyfriend was also using ojeg and followed right behind me so he could immediately helped me out. I was rush to the emergency at the hospital near my campus, got 15 medical stitches in the back of my head, and being hospitalized for almost a week. I got injured in my right hand and my neck and also a wound in the back of my head.


But, I'm completely okay, no serious injury, and by this time my wound has been hecting off, and my neck and hand are normal again.Though I'm still in recovery process, and doctor said it would be a month, I am able to do my daily activity again now.

I want to thank all my friends and family who always been there to support me. A HUGE one sent to my boyfriend who stayed with me in the hospital everyday and did everything he can to help me. You know I love you so much!!!! To my family who never stop praying for me, sorry daddy for making you spent a lot for the hospital thingy. To my friends who has visited me alternately everyday and share laughs though it was really painful to me to do laughing :D, but who can resist it anyway. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Lastly, I'm officially back on track now!! See you on my next outfit post, darling...