Sacred Spread - 07 Juni 2010

I am a huge fan of magazine, both fashion and decoration magazine. Well not fan, I am an addict, freak, whatever you name it. I found it useful to share it to you guys. 
So as from now I will have my  
Sacred Spread, 
 a place for my all time favorite magazine spread! 
Hope you find it interesting to see.
Lily Cole on French Elle June 2010 issue

(courtesy of fashionising.com)

because I always been a big fan of Classy European touch in fashion, I'm not so into American street style though my daily wear is sort of that simple, ha! inconsistent I am. Blame it to the environment around me that keep giving me that annoying look each time I try, no, actually blame it on me who don't have enough guts and creativity to do so.

Shout to me what comes in your time as these gorgeous images of Lily appear in your screen.
I will put interesting comment(s) on the next Sacred Spread post.

Meanwhile, the loveliest, Claradevi Handriatmadja, nominated me a sweet blog award. I am flattered, for sure. Thank you, beautiful!

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Memoirs of Side Porch (in all-brandless look)

For you who looking for a girl with branded things, you can't find it here.

Shock, baby? hahaha wrote this coz someone ask me a question on twitter, asking that why I keep stating 'unbranded' in my look details. Well, I am not the one that against those luxury branded stuff, otherwise I adore them wholehearted. I want to have my own LV neverfull damier or drapery chiffon gown from Elie Saab.  It's just I can't push my parents to afford me that stuff. More shock? Yes, I know not everybody could admit like this publicly, some may said 'shame on her' to me. But that's the truth, I can't afford the original and I can't stand myself using the replica version of it. Therefore I go for something unbranded in RTW store, department store, or even local flea market. Why not? it's the style that I go for not the brand tag attached on it. So pardon me if I keep wearing my local-store or unbranded stuff as it goes as cool as the pricey one. If you find it no good, I don't find any problem if you decided to leave. Massive thanks to the attention given to this blog.

great photos by my beloved photographer man, memoirs of side porch, a cozy laid down dating time at my side porch. Decided to adopt Russell's look, the scout boy on UP movie.

found this cute detailing outer at local bazaar in less than IDR 100,000 ($10), how can I resist that?

thank God mommy have some in her closet so I could taste it a bit :D, talking bout lucky daughter

ps. my one lovely girl, Fika, is having a giveaway contest on her blog. 
mee and you should join to get those yummy stuff. CLICK HERE to fly yourself to her giveaway page.