Memoirs of Side Porch (in all-brandless look)

For you who looking for a girl with branded things, you can't find it here.

Shock, baby? hahaha wrote this coz someone ask me a question on twitter, asking that why I keep stating 'unbranded' in my look details. Well, I am not the one that against those luxury branded stuff, otherwise I adore them wholehearted. I want to have my own LV neverfull damier or drapery chiffon gown from Elie Saab.  It's just I can't push my parents to afford me that stuff. More shock? Yes, I know not everybody could admit like this publicly, some may said 'shame on her' to me. But that's the truth, I can't afford the original and I can't stand myself using the replica version of it. Therefore I go for something unbranded in RTW store, department store, or even local flea market. Why not? it's the style that I go for not the brand tag attached on it. So pardon me if I keep wearing my local-store or unbranded stuff as it goes as cool as the pricey one. If you find it no good, I don't find any problem if you decided to leave. Massive thanks to the attention given to this blog.

great photos by my beloved photographer man, memoirs of side porch, a cozy laid down dating time at my side porch. Decided to adopt Russell's look, the scout boy on UP movie.

found this cute detailing outer at local bazaar in less than IDR 100,000 ($10), how can I resist that?

thank God mommy have some in her closet so I could taste it a bit :D, talking bout lucky daughter

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  1. nice outfit, tasya! :)
    sukaaaa banget sama atasannya. keren!!

  2. nic bag dear,and pic, enak deh ada pacara yang motoin.hehe

  3. We don't need branded stuff to look great.
    Beauty shines from your attitudes and creativity, not pricey dead items all over your corpus.
    You've got the point - see how you're still looking adorable by those simple outfit!
    I second your thoughts, great post :)


  4. cute outfit! I love the lace top!

  5. nice top ! like it :)

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  6. you look so so cute and lovely :)

  7. yap, agree with you! we still can look cool with unbranded things ;)btw, nice pictures!
    watch the video in my new post if you dont mind hehe

  8. Agreed! Im still 15 and cant waste my money on branded stuffs :p
    anyway I love ur earth-toned combo :D

    PS can I link you? :)

    LiaWp@Barbie Junk

  9. thanks! well yes i drew them all, but i personally don't really like the third one, in contrast of you. but thanks! i'm proud of what i've done. :D

  10. I agree with you on the Vanessa Hudgens dress, it'd look better in white! Oh and to what you were saying in your post yeah I'm not big on fake stuff either, I'd much rather have unbranded things than fake things. And first thing I did when I got a full time job last year was buy a LV speedy LOL!

  11. nice outwear tasya :)


  12. nice outfit,darl! :))

    nice to meet you anyway,


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  14. Nice picks!!
    Lovely sweater

    xoxo Angie

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  15. hay, i'm with you! i want to have my own branded things too but i cannot force my parents to buy them for me. and i think there are many girls out there which are like us too!

  16. whether it be an item for 10 bucks or 10 thousand bucks..style is more about how you wear it and less about what brand you wear :)
    after all fashion ain't all about luxury 'rite?
    great outfit =D

    eclectic du jour

  17. all i can say is i agree on the statement of your post! :D
    my father hate branded stuffs. he said the price is not worth it and you could get similar products with lower lower price without brand names.
    yeah, that his statement so i couldn't force him, too. :D

  18. i love love love it!


    anyway, don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY

  19. cute lace outer (^^)


  20. I very much agree with you on the unbranded clothes! I stopped even writing the brands down on my posts because of this.

  21. very nice outfit!!!


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