Pre-Graduation up till the BIG day!

Pre-Graduation up till the BIG day has passed...
Only memories that last...

So baby hold on tight. 
Don't let go! 
Hold on to the love we're makin', 
'Cause baby when the ground starts shakin' 
you gotta know, when you got a good thing. 

You know you keep bringin' out the best in me, 
And I need you now, even more than the air I breathe. 

You can make me laugh when I want to cry. 
This will last forever, I just know. 
I know! 
(When you got a good thing - Lady Antebellum)


me with tailored BATIK SOLO dress in orange-ish, mommy's monogram speedy bag, and heels by Paulista
(p.s. YESSS, hell yeeahh, I've gained some weights, and to be honest I am happy with a little curve I had now)


me? on picture above is the finest fifth person from left *tee hee*
wearing custom made kebaya in dusty pink with silver embroidery and batik jumputan fabric, andre valentino nude heels and mommy's nude classic chanel large flap bag

Congrats, Architects (S.Ars) !!!

Girls (left to right) - Sandra, Renny, Defi, Dika, Oi, Sekar, Mala, me, Ranny, Sheila, Chain, Mirdew, Risti, Eni, Dio, Dewi, Winda, Dian, Intan, Dira, Marina, Apel, Henny. 
Boys (left to right) - Rieky, Nirwan, Meygie, Aiz, Boris, Rangga, my awesome Man ;), Mamed, Mando

...in tons of photos from this two great days, lies our memories, we wouldn't let it fade away...

Lookin' at you standing there, I know I am. 
Happy ever after, after all this time. 
Oh there's gonna be some up and downs, 
But with you to wrap my arms around, I'm fine. 
(When you got a good thing - Lady Antebellum)

we got a good thing baby
to learn, to love, to shape, to share all these four years
though all good things come to an end
we are not kissing it goodbye, we stand still together at heart
coz hell yeah, we got a good thing baby
(Ode to graduation - Anastasya Adi)

p.s. thank you boyfie, for the sweet hand bouquet and for being drop dead gorgeous man standing next to me.