HAVE A BLAST, darling!

happy new year 2010
of course there would be bad times and good times in your upcoming years, nevertheless, wishing you a grEEAAATttt luck on accomplishing your own resolution. As for me I only have one HUGE resolution, it is . . .

Yes, in two more weeks, I will start my mini-thesis project (or in Indonesia also known as Skripsi). I'm not sure yet about the topic but I guess I will choose the urbanology theme because I quite interest on urban lifestyle subject, so it wouldn't be far from city development or management. And if it goes well in late August I will get my Architecture Bachelor Degree (*,S.Ars). Plus I have ambition on reaching above 3.5 for my GPA score. Currently, I'm studying at Architecture Major at University of Indonesia so cum laude would not be easy to accomplish. 

Therefore, I need a great luck and massive support to accomplish my resolution. I should do an intensive daily prayers I guess. I want to make my parents proud when they are accompanying me on my graduation day later so this is a must-accomplished mission. 

above all, what's your own new year resolution guys?





b/w stripe tanks - unbranded
light blue cardigan - unbranded
leggings - Cotton Ink 4L's in Burgundy
heart wire necklace - Teraskota Bazaar
ethnic choker - Bringharjo Traditional Market, Jogjakarta 
gold bangle - Cascade
ethnic bangle - gift from a friend
wristwatch - Esprit
leather bag - Rania's Garage Sale
tights - unbranded


my four fashion icon will hit back on 2010


officially super excited


A deep sorry for all of you for this late post. This year's Christmas is as hectic as my studio final submission. I was too tired each night so I even did not touch my laptop at all, not to mention that I disappeared on other social network sites also. Soooo, I will pay my "bills" to you with my 



(lace outerwear - Magnolia by Orange, lime green dress - Eddy P Chandra, unbranded pink furry handbag, classic white heels - Noche (Sogo Plz Senayan), 
bejeweled necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz, wirstwatch - Vincci)

Well, my mom loves my outfit since it makes me looks a little bit fat. She hate my skull-ish figure since I lost 7 kg weight (about 15lbs) on August and still haven't gained any since then. You know mom, me hate that also, I've been like eating machine and this is all I can get so far :'(

I stayed home all day working on my design studio final report along with my photo essays task. My boyfriend came by and help me finished it.

 I went back to my campus and later to my campus dorm for several important needs and in order to be more focus on my final tasks. So far I've finished my photo essays task but now I was doing the studio task with my bussiness feasibility subject's task. Yes, I confessed that I did it with massive laziness which made my speed is ultra slow. I even do some photoshoot in the middle of the night hahahaa, of course I haven't finished my task yet. *naughty me*

   ( worn inside out unbranded cropped top and polkadot tunic, tights - Gaudi Basics, wristwatch - Esprit, wooden necklace - gift from my brother, 
unbranded brown bag, sandals - Amanda Jane's)

The book in my hand is my task,but it is actually belongs to my reference  *tee hee*, The Final Report of Architecture Design Studio Level 5. The last design studio for me. Well it supposed to be done for one week, but I managed to finished it only in two last days with additional 60mins (an hour) for late submission hahahahaa, talking bout bad students. But as for quality, I dare you to compare to my friends output. I'm pretty sure it would be good enough, am only produce well near deadlines only.


I finally managed to do the Business Feasibility presentation by noon and rush myself continuing the studio task. I force and force and massive forcing myself to finish it. Finally submitted it on 6pm with an hour late to the deadline time. But hell I don't care at all, it's the last time anyway. I trust my quality and don't believe such lateness will cause bad since there's couples of friends who submit it later than me *nasty*. And finally got my bro pick me up home!!!!


Christmas Eve with my fam

for Christmas Eve Party on my church I wore my Nikicio Signature Dress in Soft Jersey. When I said soft it is really soft in your skin. HUGGGEEE appreciation to the marvelous idea from Nina Nikicio. Why I choose this style upon thousand others is because of what I love the most with this fabric. The wrinkle effect that shows how soft this fabric. I'm sorry for the photo's bad quality. I compressed it and it turned out to be like this.

I wore it with my Yongki Komaladi black open-toe pumps, mom's classic Channel Bag, and my white gold jewelries collection.


(too busy meeting my colleagues to take any photo)


my parents got a small Christmas gatherings in my house for friends and family.

miss cottonink for today: 4L's in Burgundy, Boyfriend Tee, and their Red Stripy Tubular Shawl.
Visit Cotton.Ink! 
(bad photo quality again hehe straight from my blackberry)

the rest weekend I choose to get some rest, just lay down and doing nothing. By this weekend, I've finished my 7th semester and my final (and last) semester in college will face me after this whole January holiday. The rest I have to do is praying more faithfully for my GPA score. Wish me luck, please!

last . . .




[20th months anniversary]

happy anniversary to me and my boyfriend

I love to see our relationship grow up each day as we enter another step of love life.
I love how life was treated us great this whole 20th months

We go through ups and downs, tears all the way home, and laugh all night love
from the very first kisses to the very last poems
it is definitely not the end though

we've just started another  chapter months of this wonderful kind of life we have
because I believe

when you hold your love, don't ever let it go
or you will loose your way to make your dreams come true 
 _endah N rhesa - when you love someone_ 


photo credits: Mulia Idznillah
place: Lux 100 Beauty Exhibition Lounge 


Another Blesssings to the Ponds: THE HAUTE MESS AWARD

Hey guys,,

Life has been treated me good this time. I'm so much enjoying my blogging activity since I made lots and lots of friends from this. Though I haven't meet them personally but they are as good as fairy angels to me. I love them damn much!

I just got home from a date with my man and got this lovely news.
I want to give tons of thankful feelings to my dearest Fika of Sweet Escape who gave me *drumroll please*  


yaaayy I've been blogging for 4 months and I got my first award now. Thank you thank you thank you!!

with Michelle of Glisters and Blisters wrote about her 7 fave shopping places and Fika about 7 things she wears on her daily life, I decided to write my 7 what-to-wear rules. It's about my principles of wearing daily so you have no need to follow this if you disagree with me but surely am open for any advice. Here we go . . .

1. It's all about balance
I keep on balancing what I wear. big bottoms goes with stretch tops, and  vice versa

2. I am not comfortable with showing skin, esp around the bust area. I know there's nothing wrong with it but I guess I was grown-up with those kind of understanding. But I don't have problem with minis so hot pants is still something I can wear, in beach only :). Surely cleavage on top area is a no-no for me

3. I am trying so hard to match my bags and my shoes. I have all bag colors cause my mom collects bags but my shoes collection doesn't have all colors yet.

4. Church Dresscode must includes Heels and Skirt/Dress. This is a rules that passed down hereditary from my great grandma to me and will pass it to my daughters. No pants, esp jeans (even if it's a skirt jeans). And as for skirt there are "use proper length" rules.

5. Only one could shine on. Yess, if I wear something there are only one thing who plays the main role, others are just playing the cameo part. If my bag has its own statement then my cloth choices usually a laid back one. If I use a statement shawl like Limegreen Fringe Shawl from Cotton Ink, I use plain tee's.

6. Emphasizing my hips. Yess, I have a big hips and the doesn't lie (just like Shakira, aww) hahahaha. I have some decay on several body parts but it will not make me go to surgery honey. Instead, I put attention on my hips which create curves on me. I'm not obsessed with skinny body though. So belted, high-waisted, pencil-skirted is the one I prefer at most tee hee.

7. Just like Beyonce, I put smile and confidence to complete my rules. YES YES YES it's a must!!!

There are my 7 of something, now I am passing this award to

waiting for your 7 guys, enjoy your award.

REST IN PEACE Brittany Murphy


Our beloved Brittany Murphy died today, dear Friends. Sources said she was rushed to hospital yesterday after suffering a full cardiac arrest. I was literally got chocked up when I watched E! Breaking News on breakfast this morning.

This girl steal my heart from her famous debut in Clueless as Tai. Clueless has been a great great grow-up teacher for me. I adore their dresses there. Then how we love her as Sarah on Just Married and also as Molly Gun on Uptown Girl. She is as lovely as her wavy blonde hair. I love that whenever she played as a girly person she never fail. There are still a lot number of her screen project but I just saw a little of it. They are Sin City, playing with Eminem at 8 Mile, Little Black Book, Girl, Interupted, and so on...Ahhh yaa..don't forget we also used to hear her voice as Gloria on Happy Feet


I love  We love you, Brit. So sad you gone so fast. 

 Deepest condolences to her friends and family.

ps. Image source mostly from Wikipedia, the rest, I googled it.


Muhammad Rizal Giri and Vera Indriyani Wedding

Hello World!

Today is my cousin's wedding. My cousin is the groom for tonight. The romantic Javanese reception is held on Sultan Hotel tonight. It's 100% Javanese completed with Keris, Blangkon, and Waljinah Hairstyle. Noooo, since I'm his far relatives I don't do those style. But some near relatives of mine got trapped in that, why trapped because most of them be induced to do so and they said they hate it hahahaha..Well of course it came from our younger brothers and sisters who still got ABG title which trying hard to get westernized, or what they called modernized. As time goes by, I hope they would respect their culture more. I mean it is neutral, their mature thoughts would bring them to that point.

First of all, I want to thank all friends who had helped me to make my decision on what to wear tonight. And tadaaaaa...

this dress is the chosen one

 Magenta Dress - EXZE (Sogo, Plaza Senayan), Chained Bag - Mom's Chanel, Open Toe Pump - Yongki Komaladi, Jewelries - Mom's

And I'm happy for what I suggest to my sist. She just recovered from chickenpox so she still got several marks on her skin. She decided to get covered up for tonight. And this is what I suggested to her....it is not bad at all, aiigghtt???

Zipper Dress - unbranded (bought it on Teraskota Bazaar), Sheer Shirt - Zara Basic, Open Toe Ankle Strap - Noche (Sogo, Plaza Senayan), Clutch - gift from a friend, Jewelries - Mom's

Mom's using  lacey dress from Cascade and a brand new silver clutch and silver bejeweled heels. Since it new I haven't check it yet. And her jewelries is her pride jewelry collection.

yes yes I know we extremely look-a-like, and I bet you won't believe we are 6 years apart, but yes (again) we exchange everything except undies and boyfriend.

this is the lovely bride and groom. oke that was awful but blame it to some "ibu-ibu" around me who constantly pushing me. heey auntie, I'll step backward if you be patience and not pushing me forward. I just wanna capture one click. But since you annoyed me I stand still with my 12cm heels right in front of you. Sorry!!! *and she kept pushing me till the bridegroom passed me by*

 my nearest cousin is right in the center of the photo. He is the son of my mom's sister. The rest two in Javanese costume is his cousins from his father side. That's what I mean with far relatives hehehehe

her name is Gina. She used to play with Christy when they are younger, when finally she met Christy again she literally jumping up and down and tried to hold her. Thank God she still remember that she wore stretch kebaya and huge konde now. She said "eww this Konde is even bigger than my head" hahahaha...She is lovely though and she is soooo great at playing piano. That night she presentsed piano playing of "if we hold on together" for the bride.

That's all from tonight round up.

And I wish for the Newlyweds

have a great marriage life to come, have some cutest children, and hope you two be forever newlyweds.