I'm locked up this Sunday in my college dorm, since My dad said "don't come home, your sister got chickenpox!"

But I still have something to share. This is my story about last week, last weekend exactly.

I got home and I finally met my Nefertiti Jewelz Quiz Prize.. yeehhaa..the prize is pretty and nice and I love it for sure. My fave one is the bottom right. Soo edgy!!! Thank you, Nefertiti!! Visit them here! and make sure you followed their tweets to win some like me.

three necklace and one brooch. surely more than enough.

ohh and that evening I'm doing closet cleaning and I found my childhood ring haha..it's kinda cute and not out-of-date yet,
I will use it again from now on !!

On the next day, me and my family doing Christmas decor hunts. Yes, it's our first Christmas at our new house. So we're soo excited decorating our house. And this is my outfit for church, well my mom had strict rules on outfit for church, dress/skirts (in a proper length)+heels+make-ups and no compromise at all! well lucky me she took a full responsible on that by constantly buying a new dress and heels hehehee..love you, mommy!!

stripy blazer - Retail Therapy, vintage broken white dress - Mizzle Shop, red feather necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz,
bag - Mom's Balenciaga, shoes - Noche (on Sogo Plaza Senayan), silver wirstwatch - Esprit

And this is my sister, get well soon sist *so I can go home* hehehe...

plain white t's - Giordano Basic, vintage citrus skirt - Ps. Senen (less than $2), gold bangles - Cascade,
gold wirstwatch - Casio, black flats - ITC BSD (less than $4), red tote bag - Long Champ, statement necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz

see you when I see you, peeps!!

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