HAVE A BLAST, darling!

happy new year 2010
of course there would be bad times and good times in your upcoming years, nevertheless, wishing you a grEEAAATttt luck on accomplishing your own resolution. As for me I only have one HUGE resolution, it is . . .

Yes, in two more weeks, I will start my mini-thesis project (or in Indonesia also known as Skripsi). I'm not sure yet about the topic but I guess I will choose the urbanology theme because I quite interest on urban lifestyle subject, so it wouldn't be far from city development or management. And if it goes well in late August I will get my Architecture Bachelor Degree (*,S.Ars). Plus I have ambition on reaching above 3.5 for my GPA score. Currently, I'm studying at Architecture Major at University of Indonesia so cum laude would not be easy to accomplish. 

Therefore, I need a great luck and massive support to accomplish my resolution. I should do an intensive daily prayers I guess. I want to make my parents proud when they are accompanying me on my graduation day later so this is a must-accomplished mission. 

above all, what's your own new year resolution guys?





b/w stripe tanks - unbranded
light blue cardigan - unbranded
leggings - Cotton Ink 4L's in Burgundy
heart wire necklace - Teraskota Bazaar
ethnic choker - Bringharjo Traditional Market, Jogjakarta 
gold bangle - Cascade
ethnic bangle - gift from a friend
wristwatch - Esprit
leather bag - Rania's Garage Sale
tights - unbranded


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  2. haaai dear happy new year,,
    luv u're stripey tanks...

  3. What a great resolution!! I've just started my "10 for 2010" list.. and the page is still blank.. ha ha ha.

    Love & Aloha, S

  4. graet resolutions, nice stripe tanks..
    good luck anastasyaa... :)

  5. great outfit :) and sure i'd love to exchange links with you. added you already!

  6. I love your dress, very cute! I wish you a Happy new year too, I hope all your wishes will come true!! I hope my wish to spend 6 months in NYC will come true, that's a nice resolution isn't it? ;)

  7. I really wish you luck, tasy. go, make your parents proud :)

  8. hppy new year! (:
    thank you for your comment.
    you'll do great accomplishing your goals on your graduation. aww you must be really excited! (:

  9. good luck for the resolutions!! just know that you studied at UI too..hihihi

    o y,,emg klo arsitek S.Ars yaa? kirain smuanya ST kayak fisip yg smua S.Sos kecuali politik..huhu..pdhl aq pgnnya S.HI..hahaha

  10. thank you for the nice wish all, I hope you'll do great too at accomplishing your own target.

    @Fika hooo dirimu HI yaaahh..iyah kalo arsitektur S.Ars, haha tapi S.Sos juga keren kok, nama2 menteri rata2 pake itu hehehe..

  11. ow.ow...another fashion blog and from jakarta. Love you definitely,,keep blogging fella


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