A deep sorry for all of you for this late post. This year's Christmas is as hectic as my studio final submission. I was too tired each night so I even did not touch my laptop at all, not to mention that I disappeared on other social network sites also. Soooo, I will pay my "bills" to you with my 



(lace outerwear - Magnolia by Orange, lime green dress - Eddy P Chandra, unbranded pink furry handbag, classic white heels - Noche (Sogo Plz Senayan), 
bejeweled necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz, wirstwatch - Vincci)

Well, my mom loves my outfit since it makes me looks a little bit fat. She hate my skull-ish figure since I lost 7 kg weight (about 15lbs) on August and still haven't gained any since then. You know mom, me hate that also, I've been like eating machine and this is all I can get so far :'(

I stayed home all day working on my design studio final report along with my photo essays task. My boyfriend came by and help me finished it.

 I went back to my campus and later to my campus dorm for several important needs and in order to be more focus on my final tasks. So far I've finished my photo essays task but now I was doing the studio task with my bussiness feasibility subject's task. Yes, I confessed that I did it with massive laziness which made my speed is ultra slow. I even do some photoshoot in the middle of the night hahahaa, of course I haven't finished my task yet. *naughty me*

   ( worn inside out unbranded cropped top and polkadot tunic, tights - Gaudi Basics, wristwatch - Esprit, wooden necklace - gift from my brother, 
unbranded brown bag, sandals - Amanda Jane's)

The book in my hand is my task,but it is actually belongs to my reference  *tee hee*, The Final Report of Architecture Design Studio Level 5. The last design studio for me. Well it supposed to be done for one week, but I managed to finished it only in two last days with additional 60mins (an hour) for late submission hahahahaa, talking bout bad students. But as for quality, I dare you to compare to my friends output. I'm pretty sure it would be good enough, am only produce well near deadlines only.


I finally managed to do the Business Feasibility presentation by noon and rush myself continuing the studio task. I force and force and massive forcing myself to finish it. Finally submitted it on 6pm with an hour late to the deadline time. But hell I don't care at all, it's the last time anyway. I trust my quality and don't believe such lateness will cause bad since there's couples of friends who submit it later than me *nasty*. And finally got my bro pick me up home!!!!


Christmas Eve with my fam

for Christmas Eve Party on my church I wore my Nikicio Signature Dress in Soft Jersey. When I said soft it is really soft in your skin. HUGGGEEE appreciation to the marvelous idea from Nina Nikicio. Why I choose this style upon thousand others is because of what I love the most with this fabric. The wrinkle effect that shows how soft this fabric. I'm sorry for the photo's bad quality. I compressed it and it turned out to be like this.

I wore it with my Yongki Komaladi black open-toe pumps, mom's classic Channel Bag, and my white gold jewelries collection.


(too busy meeting my colleagues to take any photo)


my parents got a small Christmas gatherings in my house for friends and family.

miss cottonink for today: 4L's in Burgundy, Boyfriend Tee, and their Red Stripy Tubular Shawl.
Visit Cotton.Ink! 
(bad photo quality again hehe straight from my blackberry)

the rest weekend I choose to get some rest, just lay down and doing nothing. By this weekend, I've finished my 7th semester and my final (and last) semester in college will face me after this whole January holiday. The rest I have to do is praying more faithfully for my GPA score. Wish me luck, please!

last . . .




  1. that was a busy weekend you had..
    and the nikicio dress is stunning..really need to get my hands on those ;)

  2. I LOVE they boyfriend tee :))
    was thinking to get one too hihi
    happy holidays!

  3. wow i love all of your outfits..
    so fabulous..

    happy holiday and have fun..
    oh once again wish you luck for GPA score :)


    thx for the comment in my blog btw


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