Another Blesssings to the Ponds: THE HAUTE MESS AWARD

Hey guys,,

Life has been treated me good this time. I'm so much enjoying my blogging activity since I made lots and lots of friends from this. Though I haven't meet them personally but they are as good as fairy angels to me. I love them damn much!

I just got home from a date with my man and got this lovely news.
I want to give tons of thankful feelings to my dearest Fika of Sweet Escape who gave me *drumroll please*  


yaaayy I've been blogging for 4 months and I got my first award now. Thank you thank you thank you!!

with Michelle of Glisters and Blisters wrote about her 7 fave shopping places and Fika about 7 things she wears on her daily life, I decided to write my 7 what-to-wear rules. It's about my principles of wearing daily so you have no need to follow this if you disagree with me but surely am open for any advice. Here we go . . .

1. It's all about balance
I keep on balancing what I wear. big bottoms goes with stretch tops, and  vice versa

2. I am not comfortable with showing skin, esp around the bust area. I know there's nothing wrong with it but I guess I was grown-up with those kind of understanding. But I don't have problem with minis so hot pants is still something I can wear, in beach only :). Surely cleavage on top area is a no-no for me

3. I am trying so hard to match my bags and my shoes. I have all bag colors cause my mom collects bags but my shoes collection doesn't have all colors yet.

4. Church Dresscode must includes Heels and Skirt/Dress. This is a rules that passed down hereditary from my great grandma to me and will pass it to my daughters. No pants, esp jeans (even if it's a skirt jeans). And as for skirt there are "use proper length" rules.

5. Only one could shine on. Yess, if I wear something there are only one thing who plays the main role, others are just playing the cameo part. If my bag has its own statement then my cloth choices usually a laid back one. If I use a statement shawl like Limegreen Fringe Shawl from Cotton Ink, I use plain tee's.

6. Emphasizing my hips. Yess, I have a big hips and the doesn't lie (just like Shakira, aww) hahahaha. I have some decay on several body parts but it will not make me go to surgery honey. Instead, I put attention on my hips which create curves on me. I'm not obsessed with skinny body though. So belted, high-waisted, pencil-skirted is the one I prefer at most tee hee.

7. Just like Beyonce, I put smile and confidence to complete my rules. YES YES YES it's a must!!!

There are my 7 of something, now I am passing this award to

waiting for your 7 guys, enjoy your award.

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