So much for the photography thingy

Tomorrow school's on and except harry potter, seems like nobody love the first day of school from holiday. Due to Lebaran day we got holiday for a whole week. And as for this weekend, I'm rushing and pushing myself to finish all my task.

So on Saturday, I go photo-hunting with my boyfriend and my other friends, I thought I would got any green living picture for my photography class task. But I have nothing though I still got several nice photos (will post it later ya'll)

And as I went home later of the day, I got stuck around STC for about an hour with my friend Rieky and my dearest boyfriend. Oh crap! the shuttle bus we should take probably just left as we arrived there, so we have to wait up till next turn which is an hour long. The worst part is we don't know that it would passed by again an hour long, if we knew that info earlier I will throw myself into Senayan City from the beginning. Oh lame!

And it gets better and better when I got home with super tired body, tadaaa..home tasks is waiting; washing plates, mopping, and so on...aaahhh gimme' a break.
Actually I planned to edit my photos and print it that evening, but as you can see I have no time. So I had to stay up till night, editing my photos and just be able to print it on Sunday afternoon.

pfffftttt...Unfortunately (again) the printing store I supposed to go is CLOSED, dang..what a nice weekend I got. So I browse around my neigborhood finding another Kodak-based printing store, thank God I found it.

haaaahhhh so much for the photography thingy, gotta rush up for design studio task.

saturday morning photo hunting - zara strippy outer, unbranded tanktop, clc shorts, amanda jane's oxford shoes, esprit watch

sunday family out after church - bianca wineaux bow headband, magnolia bolero, mizzle shop dress, esprit watch, noche heels, brownie vintage bag, mom's bvlgari heart necklace



this make my monthly cash ran out fast even before October come

but i take this as long-term investment, since this 100ml perfume could be use for about two months. So thanks, SJP and also sorry I just fell for your scent recently. Now I gotta lock down my purse tightly since my cc is touching its limit, too. My mom's started her engine to kill me down, I guess haha *kidding*


Je suis fier de mon copain


I just got home when my boyfriends suddenly called me. He asked me to look at Kompas photographer community website.
And guess what? one of his photo won the online rating of the week, woot woot!

to see it clearly, you may click here!



seems like black-white-and grey is the most favorite color to be wore in front row. This chicks was found seating peacefully in their most wanted place.

-topshop show for Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou and Danielle Scutt
those blazer, dress, slouchy tops, bags, boots, I dare you are going to think/say/even scream ' I gotta have that'.
As your shopping evil, I'm gonna say yes yes yes it's a must-have-item.

happy front-row seating, darla. . .

Captured Sweet Memories

I was out for almost whole day today. So you must be expecting lots of my updates. But actually I'm not in kinda mood for sharing anything. Dunno why, don't ask. But there's one sweetest thing I want you to know. I just had a wonderful journey to Sumba, NTT about a month a go, along with my campus-mate. We are doing research there.

And thanks to my dearest friend Cinet a.k.a Mulia Idznillah, she is successfully captured my several sweetest moment there.
Since she haven't finished uploading her pictures yet, so I'm posting the first part of it. And this is perfect, so perfect till I wanna comeback though it's pretty tough there. Have a look at her picture!

and to see more of her fab pictures, visit her FB here!

i love his expression and the color tone of the pic

we're doing a morning walk around the village and we found find this puppy, he was easily came to us when we called him so stefanus reached him and bring it to our base camp. A few minutes later he was leaving us because her mother is barking at us. Oh cute puppy, I wish I could take you home.

still amazed how these people could make their landscape by stack of stones. While in this pic, stefanus is coaching me. In idznie vocab, she called us student-teacher scandalous haha.

idk what was he thinking here, LMAO, nice one, cinet!

oh no look at our dirty-tired-oily face

this is my team, we are taking pic in the edge of east sumba and west sumba. we got a most awesome view and scenery along the way. Gosh, I'll never forget those breath-taking views.

in the no-traffic street, we are mad here, crazy-taking thousands of picture. And look at the stunning sky, as blue as my jeans. haha

jump honey, jump, move ur body up hehee

aaaahhh and this is my favorite one. Hello world, I introduce you to my super cute cousins, his name is Umbu. look at her reddish cheek, stunning hair, puffy skin, perfectico!! Dear stefanus, please give me a son like this.


Chaussures de mon Coeur

About two weeks ago I was strolling down Centro at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. With no urge to do shopping. But then they are having a buy one get one free promo on shoes. At first I was standing tough, holding my purse tightly and keeps going on to the clothes section, which got no promo.

But they are (i mean those damn shoes) is calling freakishly at me and I can't help it *haha blame it on them*

So finally, there I am searching, looking, browsing, till my eyes got caught up to one perfect, unique shoes. It is weird to find those kind of shoes ar sandals in Centro, where every stuff look the same and very mainstrem (read: mbak-mbak style).

Then I asked the salesgirl for my size and guess what, there's only one pair left and it is in my size, 39. Sooooo I slowly walked down in front of the mirror and try it up, and voilaa! fits perfectly.

Me: Ok, mbak I'm taking it, but I still want to look around, can you keep it for me?
Mbaknya: sure, you can ask it in the cashier when you are ready to pay.

So I do another browsing for my 'get one' pair and it belongs to my sister shoes. A wondershoe look-a-like one.

And yes it ends with me paying that sandals. A haaa! and because the color is neutral brown, I can use it with my vintage bag and fits any kind of apparel.

here it is my Amanda Jane's sandals

tops: Mango Casualwear, shorts: ps.senen, necklace: bought it from a friend, bag: mom's vintage Aigner bag

whoops bad angel here but I'm wearing it with
dress: vintage LV second-hand (bought it on Kupang's port), bag: longchamp red embroidery, headband: naughty

night out with bf
Trumpert sleeve tee: Topshop, zipper jeans: bandung's misssixty, greenlight fringe shawl: cottonink, vintage bag

top: forever21, tights: cottonink 4L's in nude acid, necklace: bought it from Ika E., bangles: gift from Rosalyn

envie de hosieries

it's my shout out for a madness.
madness for hosiery, tights, leggings, stocking, whatever you name it . . . these are what I found on pixiemarket one time I was browsing inside pixie market, you know I'm not the abroad shopping girl, you know, I can't take the risk though many said it's safe if you dare. So what I do is just browsing, brwosing, and browsing and hoping I could find it anywhere here, local. back to the topic, I found some of their cool tights collection, and suddenly I go crazy and mad coz I know those stuff is a limited and rare kinda stuff, so i need thousand of fairy godmother before I will get it for my closet. the first picture is my most favorite one. To all of you out there, if any of you find somene selling this kinda stuff, please please please do tell me, email me or shout for me on twitter thank you, darla' ...

p.s. check out my less yet ugly collection of them
zara black tights 80D, light grey zipper, mangga dua tartan transparent black stocking, and cottonink nude acid and burgundy 4L's
my other collection is somewhere in the middle of my closet and somehow I can't find it due to the messiness LOL


don't change me and I won't change you

I used to change my accent, change my stance
My phone number, the way I dance
Some people change lovers like they change their sheets
But I won't change you honey, you're for keeps

I used to think I had to change the way I am
To feel better, to get a man
But once I stopped trying, I fell for you
You fell for me so I'll stay the same for you

Oh yeah I know that I'm not perfect baby
Oh yeah it's no reason to go crazy
Oh yeah boy you can always count on me
For better or for worse I will always put you first

Now that I have found you
You've changed my life
Cos you're the one who showed me
I have everything right
We're never gonna differ cos we know it's true
So don't change me and I won't change you

I used to change my style like I changed my mind
I tried to change a Tyre but I'm not that way inclined
Tried to change my figure my diet too
I'll still change my underwear if that's O.K with you
But after seeing you I know that here is best

Oh yeah the world can sometimes make you feel bad
Oh yeah but don't forget the things you have
Oh yeah boy you can always count on me
In sickness and in health baby always be yourself

-sophie ellis bextor_i won't change you-

this photo credits to Mulia Idznillah

Madonna pour Louis Vuitton

I love the color choice and ultimately the Cabaret atmosphere, feelin' lady marmalade don' cha' . . .

Louis Vuitton - Monogram Shawl Special Anniversary Edition

I'm pretty sure you've realized that I'm on of those LV-addict girl out there. Yeah called me mainstream but I was grown-up with LV since my mom is a big fan of it too.

and LV is releasing their shawl ed now and it extremely greaaatttt!!!

I heart their Monogram Pois Beige Shawl, it brings Japanese minimalist, and yes it describe minimalism perfectly yet maximizing your style.

definitely will get it soon, either the jacked-one or the ori-one. Sorry, I'm just ordinary low-cash-LV-lover.

see it more on LV website.


de qualité en temps

today is Saturday night.
. . . and I finally got home from my dorm. It's long holiday due to Idul Fitri Celebration. But the bad news is, I got diarrhea.

I'm not sure what caused my sickness, it is between fro-yo overdosed or my midnite bakso snack with Stefanus.

So I spent 14 hours suffering that shitty disease, after 6tabs of New Diatabs couldn't cure me, my mom gave me a gastro-antibiotics and it saved my life.

Actually, I planned to go out with Stefanus later at night, but I think it would be better for me, and for my parents, if I stay home. So we decided to have our quality time at my house, we had a comfy space in my garage old couch. I made him a cup of tea and he brought dunkin donuts, yaaayyy my dad's love it.

He didn't know that as he went home so did his donuts went to my dad's and grandpa's stomach hahaha -and know I'm sure he finally knew-
Maybe we could add up staying-home opt for our quality time agenda next time.


our madness


Je vous adore, Audrey

Hi there, it's my first post and I'm not the cheesy talking girl, so skip the introduction, skip the prologue. I'm starting now.

It's about Ms. Hepburn. I will say I put her in my first list of inspiration. Her physical image, gesture, body language, and every work she done is radiating one most powerful word for woman (at least for a woman like me), S.E.X.Y.
For me she's the sexiest woman on earth, so far.
Of course I will not forget to mention her best performance, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
I watch it once in my Aunt's VHS Betamax collection, unfortunately she brought it when she study abroad a year a go.

I started to adore her so much when I saw 20 most sexiest star on E! about three or four years ago -when my dad's finally installed cable TV in my house- that's when I figured out she was the goddess of sexiness.

ahhh...and don't tell me you never saw this fabulous picture of her

look at her up-lifted hair buns, it's vintage yet perfect for your sister wedding next month. Just add a tiara there

And the fact that her death is caused by cancer, really breaks my heart. It was happening when her star is still bright, she's still in the top of her mount. But maybe God needs her angel back. So long, Audrey.
Till the end I adore you so much....

innocent man-eater, yea you can count how many man fall for her

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

again I love her hair-style here