So much for the photography thingy

Tomorrow school's on and except harry potter, seems like nobody love the first day of school from holiday. Due to Lebaran day we got holiday for a whole week. And as for this weekend, I'm rushing and pushing myself to finish all my task.

So on Saturday, I go photo-hunting with my boyfriend and my other friends, I thought I would got any green living picture for my photography class task. But I have nothing though I still got several nice photos (will post it later ya'll)

And as I went home later of the day, I got stuck around STC for about an hour with my friend Rieky and my dearest boyfriend. Oh crap! the shuttle bus we should take probably just left as we arrived there, so we have to wait up till next turn which is an hour long. The worst part is we don't know that it would passed by again an hour long, if we knew that info earlier I will throw myself into Senayan City from the beginning. Oh lame!

And it gets better and better when I got home with super tired body, tadaaa..home tasks is waiting; washing plates, mopping, and so on...aaahhh gimme' a break.
Actually I planned to edit my photos and print it that evening, but as you can see I have no time. So I had to stay up till night, editing my photos and just be able to print it on Sunday afternoon.

pfffftttt...Unfortunately (again) the printing store I supposed to go is CLOSED, dang..what a nice weekend I got. So I browse around my neigborhood finding another Kodak-based printing store, thank God I found it.

haaaahhhh so much for the photography thingy, gotta rush up for design studio task.

saturday morning photo hunting - zara strippy outer, unbranded tanktop, clc shorts, amanda jane's oxford shoes, esprit watch

sunday family out after church - bianca wineaux bow headband, magnolia bolero, mizzle shop dress, esprit watch, noche heels, brownie vintage bag, mom's bvlgari heart necklace

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