I was browsing until my eyes fall for this great great photos. I love love love this crows so damn much. I mean who doesn't love this gossip girl family? (errr maybe there are some of you who don't) But, I'm pretty sure there are way more of us who loves them. As for me, they are a perfect portrait on how living in the big city isn't as beauty as common thoughts, the idea of 'big city,big opportunity' sometimes being comprehend in the wrong way, which cause massive urbanisation in our lovely Jakarta City.
Next, they are also a perfect example on how being rich, famous, and also powerful didn't guarantee you to have a happy life yet it is sooo complicated and full of intricts. Even when you are only dating those socialites, it will affect your life as well.
In my opinion, there is so much to learn from life of the upper east-sider. How a high school girl/boy could be involved on crime, hatred relationship, and a mean bullying, IF they are not think twice.

Not to forget the great fashion inspiration from each cast which embodies a variety of style and character. A rebellious Jenny, classy Blair, modest Vanessa, sexy Serena, and so on and so on.

So yes, I'm not surprise if this series has tons of its huge and loyal fans. Because of the multi-angles of relationship is pretty interesting. I mean like "Chuck is in love with Blair, whose boyfriend cheated with her bestfriend who fell in love with a brooklyn boy whose sister is accidentaly kissed Blair's ex-boyfriend who endep up to be the brooklyn boy's bestfriend's date". Did you get it? err I could understand if you don't :D

soooo who's agree and who's not agree with me??! plis kindly share with me, leave a comment! I'll be soooo much appriciate that.

ps. this is a scheduled post, because by the time you are reading this post, I will be on holiday with my college-mate in a villa in Puncak. Soo I see you again when I come back.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. And as a epilogue, please follow my blog, I'll follow back, if you comment, I'll comment back.



Big stone ahead, keep on walking just watch your leg

 sorry for the heavy image



close it up a little bit . . .

Black Outer: Magnolia by Orange | Stripy Tank: Zara | White Kulot: unbranded
Maroon Pumps: Ananas on Sogo Dept Store | Sling Bag: a gift from Thai | jewelry: random

hey I didn't feel like writing for today, so I just wanna do some quick sum up, today I was doing a campus meeting followed by dating time with my boyfriend. We are watching NINE today, a totally great musical movie, and I love kate hudson a lot, sadly in my personal opinion Fergie didn't look so fab in that movie.

Until we meet again, take a good care of yourself and as usual epilogue, if you follow my blog or leave any comment, I'll do my return asap.
See you when I see you, guys.



Are You Dare to Dream?

This is a response I wrote on my friend's blog. He tag me for a post that quite interesting for me. To read his post, click click!

Ok, this post is kinda slap me right in my face hehehe, coz it's such a huge thing for me if I could be able to do this as my blog post.  Coz as opposite to you, I grew up with one dream only, a HUGE one. I dream of it from the very first day I understand what dreams are. Sadly I grew up with a comprehension that it's not enough to pay my bills, it's not enough to reach what people around me called 'success future life'. I know I've lost to my surroundings and decided to quit. And since then I keep on feeling ashamed of my failure to reach the dream that is mine.

Until I read a quote
"You cannot just dream heaven; you must also dream the path that will bring you there"

This quote illustrate what is my passion now. I choose to fight for my HUGE dream, put it in my door so every time I'm about to step outside, it warns me. And I dream the path to get my huge dreams. I tailored my dream with dreams.  And what is it actually?
Well, I'm still afraid of those negative people who will put cage on mine. I'd rather stay silent until I reach it. Maybe the same way could works for you, maybe. You should hear your call, after all.
But I will, I promise I will someday answering your first passage of this post and open it for public :)
Until then I'm sending a huge luck to all of your dream.

It's a comment I made actually and I sent this to his Facebook account where he tagged me in his note. But I think I could post it on my blog also. So I could easily track it back whenever I need it. I got filled up with positive energy this past few days and especially today because this is my 21st (months) anniversary with my boyfriend *happy*. I'm happy to be able to produce those words of encouragement, not just for my friend but for myself as well. It kinda be reminder for myself to keep standing and keep fighting for my dreams.


Sheer Outer - Idletz Shop on fb | Inner Tee - Gaudi | Leggings - Cotton Ink 4L's in burgundy
Black Satin Peep Toe Shoes - Yongki Komaladi | Bag - Vintage Loewe Cowskin Leather Handbag

And the happiness is still continuing :), Vinda of Fashion Atelier  tag me on

And because of that I have to list 10 things that makes me happy, so here we go (in random order)
1. being surrounded by friends and family
2. chit chat, I'm a supper chat-er girl
3. my boyfriend's scent which also means his presence near me
4. grocery shopping with my family 
5. a gift in form of fashion and art
6. blogging and getting awards like this
7. getaway with besties to some crazy place doing crazy things
8. graduated with cum laude title
9. a cup of coffee in the breezzy morning or rainy afternoon
10. all-you-can-eat restaurant

and I have to make 10 others happy because of this award, this 10 people I choose because of their great sense of style that always inspire me and makes me happy in blogging, therefore the award goes to:

I hope you all get happy this weekend-to-come. Take care of yourself and see you when I see you.


The Golden Globe 2010 Red-Carpet Runway

This time I won't do Fashion Police here! Because I'm too tired on preparing my mini-thesis project this day. But having this as blogpost is so tempting since I've been following the updates of The Golden Globe Awards 2010 all day from my blackberry.

As far as I see, there are some yaay and naay outfit on last night's show (oh come on, it's always been like that). So instead of giving any comment to each photo, I'll just featuring the yaay version. Well I know there would be some different opinions with all of you but hey whose blog is this one anyway? Soo, if you see it differently, just post some, leave link in my comment, and I'll rush myself to yours as soon as I read it. The differences that make Fashion Police exciting right?

here we go, darling...

Maggie Gyllenhaal on RM by Roland Mouret “Sirens” mermaid gown

Heidi Klum on Roberto Cavalli white dress Lorraine Schwartz jewels standing with her hubby Seal


Anna Paquin on Stella McCartney sequins dress posing with her fiance Stephen Moyer 

Diane Kruger on Christian Lacroix Haute Coutore

Fergie on lilac Elie Saab chiffon gown

Ginnifer Goodwin on blue Vionnet dress, Judith Leiber clutch and Brian Atwood “Maniac” pumps.

Dianna Agron on Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2010

Cory Monteith on Hugo Boss suit

Chace Crawford on Dolce and Gabbana suit

well, that's my best picks for The 2010 Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hills, CA. The bigger picture shows the outfits that I like the most, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith. Both of them are Glee casts and the rest of them is lookin fab too that night.
Last, I hope I would have another time to do my naaayy part. I'm not in the mood right now coz I'm freakin' tired for today. Plus there's sooo much of it, yes, unfortunately there are many poor celebs who simply got wrong in their outfit. But we'll see then. Until there, please take a good care of your life. Have fun with it, don't get so serious.

goin to sleep now, adios!



this candies heels boost me a little

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This week is my busiest week so far in 2010, I guess. There are lot of things happen and somehow it forced me to go out of house. The good part of this thing is that I have reason to dress up hahaha. And now as I got home and do some blogwalking, my eyes caught on Fika of Sweet Escape post about Heels Candies Giveaway held by Valerie of Marley&Me in collaboration with Valencia of Roll Up Your Sleeve.

Actually I already knew about this since earlier this months and I automatically falling in love with the purple boots of Francesca Mambrini I saw there. But since I didn't have the perfect outfit for that yet, I decided to keep it for later, and yes, I forgot about it until Fika blogged about it. Well, thank you so much for reminding, dear :D

I was clicking the link to Valerie's blog and my eyes got caught up on the purple boots for the very first time. And I just wanna scream (ok, not like that I'm over-reacted :D) when I remembered that my today's outfit is perfect for that. Woo hoo.

Army Green Top: A Store | Vintage Short: Ps. Senen
Shawl: Cotton Ink Lavender Krey  | Ethnic Bag: a gift from my grandma

I was already put down my shoes and my accesories exc my watch and my necklace when I read about this. Actually I'm so tired and just want do some random check on the internet before I go sleeping. But here I am ended up with fast photo-shoot, edit, email, and blog about it. Haha, I didn't know where the extra energy came from.

So, I guess that's it from today, I work too much today in campus, caught in a great debate on campus meeting, blab too much, laugh too much, think too much, and type too much hahaha. I'm super tired and will go asleep, luckily tomorrow is my resting day and I would be at home all day long *fiuhhhh*

So see you, guys, good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite.



with pencil we draw our future

With pencil we draw our future, some mistakes could be erased easily and replaced with the right one. But don't sweat too much coz you could ruin it all. Just take it easy and have some fun!

I got some update since my last post. First yesterday we finally went to watch Holmes yess, call me lame out of date lady haha. Last,  if your remember my first photo shoot, a friend of mine offer herself to do editing for her deviantART collection. What a boring update hahaha. I spent most of my time this week staying home so there's the best I can give, sorry. However I'm so flattered at what my friend has did to me and here is some of the awesome result.

lovely aren't them?  just as lovely as she is. Thanks, apple! (yes my friend's name is Apple, cute!)

back to the topic here's my second photo shoot with my boyfriend and I did some editing there because the ambiance is so pale due to dark cloud, what do you think?





Inner Tanks and Stripy Outer: Renariti, Bandung
Studded Zipper Skirt: online shop
Strapy sandals: ITC BSD (less than USD 4)
Bag: Giant City Gold Studded Balenciaga
Bejeweled Bangle: Glisters and Blisters | Silver Bangle: Cascade | Bejeweled Necklace: Nefertiti Jewelz

as for me my mini-thesis (or in Indonesia known as skripsi) is about to be started. Tomorrow I will me my mini-thesis supervisor-to-be and ask her whether she wants to supervise me or not. So I'm hoping for thousands 'wish me luck' here ^^. I'll update you on the next post, ok? In the meantime I hope you enjoy the rest of the week before we finally meet another week-end. Take care, guys!



the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"
Walter Bagehot

Today is chuch time and idk why this thought is suddenly came up in my mind. I dare myself to ask mom whether I allowed or not to use flats. Well as I already mentioned in my previous post that my mom has a very strict rules on church dress code: no jeans (pants or skirt), no flat sandals, no bare face. But I felt a little laid back today (read: lazy to do make-up, lazy to try on so much outfit, I just grab things that caught my eyes first) so I decided to use a super casual outfit and I guess flats would best to suit my comfy batik dress. Then I quite surprised when my mom said, "ok, you look nice". Me: fiuuhh. Her: "but only now!" haahaha. Ok mom, idk why maybe it because of my pms :(  coz actually I didn't mind using heels too (for sure).

(Inner: MNG Tee, Dress: Malioboro Batik (less than USD 3), unbranded black suede flats, Bag: Black Balenciaga Giant City Gold Studs, Bangles: Cascade Boutique, Krey Shawl: Cotton Ink)

ps. sorry for bad quality of pictures, blame it to massive laziness I felt today
I have something else to tell you. I like this new thing on the block but I'm not quite sure if it is quite good for my feet or my style or not. I'm not a trend follower person, I admit. I prefer to watch than wear on some trends that I'm not quite sure if it goods for me or not. :) But maybe I'll change my mind on this, maybe. Coz they look gorgeous on Chanel S/S 2010 show.  

(via anewmode.com)

as they titled this image "a trend to discover" I would discovered it first whether it suits me or not *wink*. And this is some more of them

Catherine Maladrino via fashiondailymag

Matisse Footwear via ShopBop

do you already have one? how if you convince me to buy this pretty thing for some new member to my shoe familio? :)




I'm helping a friend of mine here. She is joining the
BINUS FASHION WEEK 2010 - fashion design contest on January 2010. 

I just want to ask your very little time to
click HERE! and please "like" the photo.
And if you don't mind you could join the crowd of Binus Fashion Week 2010.

fyi, this is Jessica from MoreToSee Online Shop

<3 sending massive THANKs for all of you who support her <3


Burberry ss10 Accesorries Campaign

Actually I didn't like seeing our little Miss Granger doing her previous Burberry f/w campaign. But this time, I think she did a pretty good job. I love how Watson interact with the other male models, also including Alex Watson, Emma's brother.

source: Watsonuncensored on Youtube!
licensed to Burberry

so what do you think?


Tweed Memories

(photo courtesy of  Stefanus Kurniawan)


 LBD - Fashionelle 
Houndstooth  Tweed Dress (worn as outer) - local thrift store
Turquoise Shoes - Mandy's Shoes
Silver Bag - Naughty
Bangle - Cascade
Necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz
Watch - Esprit

Finally, my internet connection goes well again, but it's late at night now. They surely want me to become a batgirl :D. I've been missing this blogwalking so much since my internet was down for the past two days. I have to run myself to the nearest Snappy (an intenet cafe) this afternoon to check on my college score and do blogwalking and a glance on other social networking sites.

So today I'm on a date with my man and surprisingly we do our very first photoshoot. Well my boyfriend is a freelance photographer and we amazed why we never do this before. It was so much fun, I never thought I will enjoy me being photographed by him. Well, I'm not posing for sure, I just do whatever I want, running here and there, and he worked the rest hahaha. Eversince my boyfriend got into photography I only stands patiently as his assistant, a great and loyal one :).

We didn't actually plan this. It's an instant idea and we stop by at the park on my housing. Well it's a super-beautiful park and I know you wouldn't believe it is placed on my housing, The Green, BSD  *wink*

for complete look at the album, visit my facebook album


The Rockin Taylor

"I'm not Little J anymore, Penelope" -Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl

(via fuckyeahskinnybitch)

oh yes, this rocking lady is not a teenage superstar right now, you should count her as one of Hollywood stylista. With this awesome sense of fashion she could stand side by side with Nicole Richie or Coco Rocha (at least for me *wink*). But the point is, I super-love you, Taylor.

 (via fuckyeahskinnybitch)

 (via fuckyeahskinnybitch)

a front row seat at NYFW? Lilo looks such a mess being next to her,
sorry Lilo's fans but my eyes looked it that way.
(via http://blogs.glam.com)

 (via fuckyeahskinnybitch)

and the picture below is my favorite one! woo hoo!
(via fuckyeahskinnybitch)