with pencil we draw our future

With pencil we draw our future, some mistakes could be erased easily and replaced with the right one. But don't sweat too much coz you could ruin it all. Just take it easy and have some fun!

I got some update since my last post. First yesterday we finally went to watch Holmes yess, call me lame out of date lady haha. Last,  if your remember my first photo shoot, a friend of mine offer herself to do editing for her deviantART collection. What a boring update hahaha. I spent most of my time this week staying home so there's the best I can give, sorry. However I'm so flattered at what my friend has did to me and here is some of the awesome result.

lovely aren't them?  just as lovely as she is. Thanks, apple! (yes my friend's name is Apple, cute!)

back to the topic here's my second photo shoot with my boyfriend and I did some editing there because the ambiance is so pale due to dark cloud, what do you think?





Inner Tanks and Stripy Outer: Renariti, Bandung
Studded Zipper Skirt: online shop
Strapy sandals: ITC BSD (less than USD 4)
Bag: Giant City Gold Studded Balenciaga
Bejeweled Bangle: Glisters and Blisters | Silver Bangle: Cascade | Bejeweled Necklace: Nefertiti Jewelz

as for me my mini-thesis (or in Indonesia known as skripsi) is about to be started. Tomorrow I will me my mini-thesis supervisor-to-be and ask her whether she wants to supervise me or not. So I'm hoping for thousands 'wish me luck' here ^^. I'll update you on the next post, ok? In the meantime I hope you enjoy the rest of the week before we finally meet another week-end. Take care, guys!



  1. hi tasya! please check out our fabulous clothes on wink-a-winkel clothing online store! I think it will suits you. thanks a bunch! :D

  2. Yes Winka already check it! will contact you if I finally decide to get something from your fab collection :)

  3. weee balenciaga :D
    my favorite bag ! ahahhaa..
    i love ur houndstooth vest :D

    thanks for the lovely comments darling.
    appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
    keep posting up great inspirations..

    x. Michelle.. visit, comment , follow me at .
    glisters and blisters :D

  4. wow nice outfits tasya :)


  5. yeyeeeyee...
    nice pic..
    luv u're outer dear :)

  6. @echa and novita thaankkss ^^

    @michelle the bag belongs to my mom ahahha, btw, actually it's stripy cardigan, sorry if it's not clear in the photo but thankss sooo muchh for you lovely comment.

  7. I love both outfits!
    i especially like the tweed vest in the first one, it's gorgeous!

  8. nice outfit and nice picture .
    i love the first pict, simply adorable :)


  9. thank you for the lovely comment kak :]
    you look great and awesome too!
    love the photos and yes the baby is so cute too! hehehe


  10. Awesome pictures :)
    you sure picked the perfect spot to take photos <3

    eclectic du jour


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