Tweed Memories

(photo courtesy of  Stefanus Kurniawan)


 LBD - Fashionelle 
Houndstooth  Tweed Dress (worn as outer) - local thrift store
Turquoise Shoes - Mandy's Shoes
Silver Bag - Naughty
Bangle - Cascade
Necklace - Nefertiti Jewelz
Watch - Esprit

Finally, my internet connection goes well again, but it's late at night now. They surely want me to become a batgirl :D. I've been missing this blogwalking so much since my internet was down for the past two days. I have to run myself to the nearest Snappy (an intenet cafe) this afternoon to check on my college score and do blogwalking and a glance on other social networking sites.

So today I'm on a date with my man and surprisingly we do our very first photoshoot. Well my boyfriend is a freelance photographer and we amazed why we never do this before. It was so much fun, I never thought I will enjoy me being photographed by him. Well, I'm not posing for sure, I just do whatever I want, running here and there, and he worked the rest hahaha. Eversince my boyfriend got into photography I only stands patiently as his assistant, a great and loyal one :).

We didn't actually plan this. It's an instant idea and we stop by at the park on my housing. Well it's a super-beautiful park and I know you wouldn't believe it is placed on my housing, The Green, BSD  *wink*

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  1. nice pictures and i love the simplicity of the outfit :)

  2. luv all u're pic...and u're shoes is adorable :)

  3. lucky you to have such a talented boy! love the tweed :)

  4. hei nice photos i like your photos.. and i love the dress simple :)

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  5. love the tweed dress that you worn as outer!!
    simple outfit but really chic :)

  6. Cute blog! I love your tweed dress. So classy! These photos are adorable. :)

  7. right now am wearing almost d same pattern wit d one u wear in d pic ^__^ but mine is blazer..mind to exchange link?


  8. you two make a great duo :)
    I'm a fan of tweed and that tweed dress just completes your whole look <3<3<3

  9. these are lovely shots darling !
    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  10. love all the pics! you are so lucky dear!

  11. thank you girls!!

    what a sincere comments you gave to me. I'm so flattered since all of you are my blogging guru.


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