Are You Dare to Dream?

This is a response I wrote on my friend's blog. He tag me for a post that quite interesting for me. To read his post, click click!

Ok, this post is kinda slap me right in my face hehehe, coz it's such a huge thing for me if I could be able to do this as my blog post.  Coz as opposite to you, I grew up with one dream only, a HUGE one. I dream of it from the very first day I understand what dreams are. Sadly I grew up with a comprehension that it's not enough to pay my bills, it's not enough to reach what people around me called 'success future life'. I know I've lost to my surroundings and decided to quit. And since then I keep on feeling ashamed of my failure to reach the dream that is mine.

Until I read a quote
"You cannot just dream heaven; you must also dream the path that will bring you there"

This quote illustrate what is my passion now. I choose to fight for my HUGE dream, put it in my door so every time I'm about to step outside, it warns me. And I dream the path to get my huge dreams. I tailored my dream with dreams.  And what is it actually?
Well, I'm still afraid of those negative people who will put cage on mine. I'd rather stay silent until I reach it. Maybe the same way could works for you, maybe. You should hear your call, after all.
But I will, I promise I will someday answering your first passage of this post and open it for public :)
Until then I'm sending a huge luck to all of your dream.

It's a comment I made actually and I sent this to his Facebook account where he tagged me in his note. But I think I could post it on my blog also. So I could easily track it back whenever I need it. I got filled up with positive energy this past few days and especially today because this is my 21st (months) anniversary with my boyfriend *happy*. I'm happy to be able to produce those words of encouragement, not just for my friend but for myself as well. It kinda be reminder for myself to keep standing and keep fighting for my dreams.


Sheer Outer - Idletz Shop on fb | Inner Tee - Gaudi | Leggings - Cotton Ink 4L's in burgundy
Black Satin Peep Toe Shoes - Yongki Komaladi | Bag - Vintage Loewe Cowskin Leather Handbag

And the happiness is still continuing :), Vinda of Fashion Atelier  tag me on

And because of that I have to list 10 things that makes me happy, so here we go (in random order)
1. being surrounded by friends and family
2. chit chat, I'm a supper chat-er girl
3. my boyfriend's scent which also means his presence near me
4. grocery shopping with my family 
5. a gift in form of fashion and art
6. blogging and getting awards like this
7. getaway with besties to some crazy place doing crazy things
8. graduated with cum laude title
9. a cup of coffee in the breezzy morning or rainy afternoon
10. all-you-can-eat restaurant

and I have to make 10 others happy because of this award, this 10 people I choose because of their great sense of style that always inspire me and makes me happy in blogging, therefore the award goes to:

I hope you all get happy this weekend-to-come. Take care of yourself and see you when I see you.


  1. nice blog n i love ur header of ur blog.
    happy anniversary to u n ur bf (:
    congratz for the award and thank u for tagging me-i'll do it asap.
    btw i've followed ur blog already, so mind to follow my blog back ? and we can exchange link too ?


  2. Thanks Ri, actually I already put you on my blog list and followed zipper and pepper for some time ;), that's why I give you the award. enjoy it!

  3. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/

    x Valentine

  4. awwww.... i love the header, jeung!
    and your black bag too ^^

  5. awww yay!!! Thank you for tagging me! I enjoyed reading your 10 things! :)

  6. Happy monthsary dear ! I love your outfit , nice jacket and bag ! :D And congrats for the award . Have a nice weekend ! xoxoox

  7. I'm jealous of your sheer outer..
    i've been looking for one like that but haven't had the luck in finding one..

    thanks for the tag btw..I'll get to it once I get the chance :)
    and did you just quoted what you wrote to me from a miley song hahaha..nice!

  8. Aww I love the color of your leggings!


  9. luv u're black outer sweetie..
    the pose so awesome,,,

  10. tasyaa, u know what i love most ? your bag . definitely stunning dear :))
    and, congrats for your aniversary for two of you .

    visit and comment my latest post
    wth luv, lapetitechateau

  11. 21 months! Congrautlations! Love your bag and the addition of the pearls
    It would be mine

  12. someone deserves to give u an award. xx your a sweetie pie.

  13. Your thoughts and words create your life. So go ahead and create the life you want. There is NO dream to big...just believe. xo Mish


  14. Yeay thanks for the award kak! I'll post soon asap :)) btw finally i've linked your blog.... sorry it's so late, kinda forget -,-

  15. Halo ka Tasya..
    Dulu skolah di SMAK 7 kan??
    Ni Jessie, ade kelas dr SMAK 7 (2 thn di bwh kakak)..
    Pasti ga inget ya..
    Aku inget kakak soalny dulu kakak jd OSIS ya klo ga salah..
    Hehe.. :)
    Aku liat foto kakak di blog'nya Pipi yg "Black Hair Do" (dia satu fakultas ma aku..)
    Aku follow blog'nya ya ka..
    Follow me back ya.. hehe..
    Btw,, kakak kenal Fenny Yohana ga??
    Dia seangkatan ma ka Tasya..
    Katanya aku mirip temennya namanya Tasya yg skolah di SMAK 7 jg..
    Tapi aku ga tau ka Tasya ini ato bukan.. hehe.. :)

  16. blogwalking... :)

    nice blog! and i like too much your great jacket,,

    just visit my blog too,, <3

  17. @mish thanks so much

    @fian thankss, will visit yours

    @jessie, heeyy aku sekilas inget2 sih muka kamu hahaha,,sip2 nanti ku follow balik yaa,, kenal2 Fenny temen smp gw, kenal kamu? hahaha kita mirip ya emang?

    @silvi no worries dear, it's ok

  18. thankss for the tag tasyaa :)..Hope I can do it asap..

    anw, I like the sheer top!!

    hmm..why don't you make a couple blog too?hahahaha *I'm looking for a friend actually :p*

  19. nooo hahaha, my boyfriend isn't interested with blogging activity, hahaha, he's more into like deviantart or something like that :D. If we made one it would end up empty hahaha..


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