Complete Randomness

Stripy Oversized Shirt - Ps. Senen
Burgundy 4Ls - Cotton.Ink
Watch - Esprit
Bow Necklace - Distincut

missing ting tings

princess roll, chicken teriyaki roll, chouji roll, and krakatau roll

ZARA TRF babydoll top with bolero, COTTON.INK nude acid 4Ls, AMANDA JANE warrior sandals, LONGCHAMP red tote bag, ESPRIT watch, and a cup of SMOOCH (mix of mango and green apple yoghurt with 4 kinds of mochi)

Instead of going to Soulnation, me and my bf choosed to have a date. That is all my faults coz my mom had a concert phobia that she didn't trust that I can be able to back home safely after going to an RnB concert, yass that's what she thought so as a kind daughter I hold my urge to see The Ting Tings back. And my beloved boyfriend fully understood about that and he ended up took me to have a sushi dinner, yaaaayyy...we choose Sushi Groove and thank God, the vibe is great last night, it is quite calm and comfy, so we could get our quality time *wink*.

We are going around then we bought a cup of smooch fro-yo before we got back to Depok, we have a nice date last night, dear but still I'm still envy people who watched The Ting Tings hehehe.



I'm perfectly sick right now. It was starting with my department league on Tuesday which I have to play basketball on the very first of my menstrual day. I know I could not make it but there's no one else. So there I go. After that the night is still on coz I have to stay up to do SKP presentation until 4am at Fadil's with Tepy, Fritz, Mbak Tya, and Fadil of course. The worst thing is that in the next day, the presentation is cancelled and replaced by fill-the-blank midterm exam. Yuck!!! I'm so not ready about it..grrrr.....hate you, Mr. Azrar.

So in these time I already felt something wrong in my body. I got flu and extreme headache. But still I had to prepare my photography presentation for Thursday till 8pm.

On Thursday, I do the photography midterm presentation with positive fever. I feel like I didn't touch the ground and everybody said that my face looks so pale. So I called my Dad and said that I'll be home tomorrow af'noon coz tomorrow morning is my librarian sched.
I went home with my bf coz apparently the photography mentor meeting is being canceled.

Friday is our lucky day coz we got our bus easily, the deborah and transBSD. But we got stucked in serious jam around Bintaro Highway Section. It should be only 20mins for me to get home but this jam made me had to wait about an hour. Surely it's an air-con bus so I was shivering along my way home. Later I know that the jam is caused by a truck accident (gosh, drive safely please).

Usually my brother would pick me up in the bus stop but the unlucky me still in her bad luck. My bro still in school (i knew he must be lying, it's 5.30pm for God's sake). So I have to ride the public motorcycle to get home and the wind that blew upon me made this fever getting worse.

And here I am, fever + bad cough + flu + literally threw up sometimes + ultimate headache + shivering.

All I wanna say is Sorry, Stefanus I broke up our weekend plan :((. We should have been celebrating our anniversary this Sat night. But thanks for visiting today, plus my mom loves the 'pastel' and she's debating my grandpa about the meat, whether it is beef or pork hahaha *gak penting pol*.

that's all. ciao!!!

ps. sorry for the bad english, blame it on the headache *wink*


Hermes RTW Spring 2010

source : ELLE


no title, just love!!


derrière la scène SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE 2

Miranda and her breath-taking shoes (at least for me)

my favorite, Charlotte, is looking pretty suit chic as always

two words : CAN'T WAIT!!!

S/S 2010 Preview

(these are my favorite one, also I love Alexander McQueen esp his avant-garde boots but you can find it in many other blogs rite, so I don't post his look here.)

Balmain Spring/Summer 2010

YSL Spring/Summer 2010

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2010

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2010

Valentino Spring/Summer 2010

and tadaaaaa...this is my most favorite one. Karl Lagerfeld would never ever fail. *hail to the king*. The concept was oh-so-pretty and the performance of Lily Allen is worth thousand words. bee-yu-tee-ful !!!

Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

this video credit goes to lucianoburgos on Youtube, thanks!

and this one isn't part of the S/S 2010 fashion week but this is also a juicy one. This is what Lilo does for Emanuel Ungaro. Looks like she's got talent, isn't she?



This morning I was going to Manggarai Train Station to do photo-hunting for my photography class. I am joing the morning urban vibrant. It was an exhausting to do when you are not completely woke up in the morning. Yes, I was wake up late to catch up the 5.53am train. So me, dika, tepy, and dira are using the 6.30am train. I was sooooo sleeeppy so it took a little more time for me to push my brain to start taking photos.
I was not statisfied with the result today plus Dira's camera run offs in the middle of the time so we decided to come back tomorrow morning. Let's hope I could wake up earlier tomorrow.
And as for today, I'm absent from campus and perfectly stayed on my messy room all alone.

Top: Milchop, Tights: Elowve B. House, Shoes: Amanda Jane's, Bag: LV Monogram Summer Tote, Watch: Esprit.


More and more giveaways

You know girls love giveaways and I can't resist if it is make ups or accessories. Thank you, God for giving such a LOT angels on earth.

this is miss MercuryLady giveaways, you can find her here!

and its here first giveaway after all, so do follow her...

as the requirements needed, she asked for our HG products, and my HG products is *drum rolls* . . . Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner ,,yaaayy!!! it's a life-saver for me...

and there's another one, yep as I say previously there are tons of angels do blogging, and they share giveaways for us, here is SHIFA and her giveaways, find her here!
me also tweet about you, lady...

and now, let's wish upon a star now


those are eye-candy

I'm deeply sorry for becoming such a bad blogger. I know I am. This architecture school life is taking me outta other life all over my head. But me as the one who is newbie in this kinda world is trying as best as I can *wide smile*.
So one time I was goggling with eye-candy as keywords. Then suddenly my eyes hit to these super-cute stuff. In no delay time, my fingers automatically click on it to enlarge the image.

it is such a perfect eye-candy, so beautiful and avant-garde. What do you think? oh maybe this question works better, do you want them?
Since I get these pics from Google Image, i'm not sure about the credits info. So I hope this is right, and so sorry if it is wrong. Feel free to correct me.
enjoy this sugar eye-candy, please.

Yves Saint Lauren

Oscar de la Renta

sorry didn't get any info about this one

plusss..NEW TREND ALERT DETECTED, next season of fashion I predict would be much of disco thingy. Our beloved hollywood stars are spotted in these stuff. Well, go check ur momma closets or join me hitting nearest vintage shops.


have fun with fashion ! ! !


Emmy 2009 Fashion Police (kinda late)

Really sorry I'm so much late for this post. This whole week is such a madness in my college. i only sleep a little each day, very exhausting. But I still manage to post something finally.

well on Emmy this year there are a lot of ewww things for me but surely there are several works that worth thousand thumbs up too.

let's give it a shot.
which one do you like and eww the most?
p.s. fell free to comment any of these goddess outfit with me.

JANUARY JONES - silk satin evening gown with embroidered glass beaded bustier by Versace.
I don't know but I kinda feel weird with this outfit. It looks like alien costume in my eyes, are you going to join the Star Trek crew, Ms. Jones?

KIM KARDASHIAN - white one shoulder silk gown by Ina Soltani
Kim looks super-hot in these outfit. She looks glowing by the perfect hairstyle and her huge earrings. It kinda reminds me of J.lo, I guess. Do you?

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT - gown by Max Azria and Judith Leiber clutch.
This is always been her style for red carpet thing, and I only could say B-O-R-I-N-G. Give us any different theme on your look, Ms. Hewitt.

HEIDI KLUM - gown by Marchesa and Lorriane Schwartz jewelry.
who doesn't love this mom of three and soon to be four. The ex- Victoria Secret Angel is still looking stunning and oh so-slim. And I looove the baby bump. The detail on the dress is magnifico.
I simply adore her, just like Seal.

LEIGHTON MEESTER - gown and clutch by Bottega Venetta.
This Upper East Sider bitch is my role-model. I love her bitchyness as Blair, yet her innocense as Leighton. But this time, maybe she got my most 'ewwwwww' so far. I can't believe what she or her stylist think when she choose this dress. The puffy strap on her shoulder reminds me of a puff bread, the layers on the dress made her look oh-so-fat and the makeup (jungle red lips) is a BIG NO for that outfit. If she choose nude for makeup maybe would safe her better. At least I could say, 'Hail to the Goddes'

DREW BARRYMORE - nude pink gown by Monique Lhuillier, jewellry by Anna Hu, and special made clutch by Raven Kauffman Couture.
This is my most fave red-carpet actress. Nominated for her role in Grey Gardens, Drew (again) succesfully appear awesome in a perfect dress choice. This princess dress looks glamour yet simple, bright yet pale. She succesfully balance the soft tone with bright red lipstick. Way to go, ma'am!

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE - gown by Basil Soda and Devi Kroell clutch
At first sight this gown looks pretty, but then I feel it is so much going on there. The one shoulder accent. embroidery lace in the waist area, and the long wave. There are many players and each shout for their own. Thank God the other is neutral.

DEBRA MESSING - gown by Michael Kors and Lorraine Schwartz jeweleries.
So actually this gown is cute, heart the accent in the middle of the dress and the simplicity she offer. Just watchout, Debra. You look undifferent with the carpet below you.

CHLOE SEVIGNY - polkadot gown by Isaac Mizrahi, vintage brooch by Nadine Krakov, and Lana Marks snakeskin clutch.
the cutting is extremely weird plus polkadot is not for a premium award show, enough said.

BLAKE LIVELY - gown by Versace and peep toe heels Christian Louboutin.
She emphasized her beauty perfectly. Her long legs is exposed, very low cut top part of her dress, and the hairstyle that's so young. Very bee-yu-tee-ful. Thanks to her stylist Marie Alice Haney.

KARA DIOGUARDI - all unknown
too bad I didn't catch anything when I see E! about this Idol Judge's Emmy Look. But certainly this dress steal my heart. The most adorable part is the batwing arms and the v-neckline. Gorgeus! At least something that's not one-shoulder, which seems used by almost sixty-percent lady on that show.

SANDRA OH - gown and clutch by Marchesa
The Grey's Anatomy' Star is looke statuesque on this golden dress. Statusque in my vocab means looks like a statue hehehe. The decreasing width in the downline is very unique and the fabric detail made her oh-so-glowing that evening. Go asia!

ROSE BYRNE- gown by Valentino
The dress may be got the best dress award from me, but Ms. Byrne has disturb the beauty of her dress by her hairstyle. What's wrong with you. It's like you are in the middle of doing fitting. Go find a more glam hair.

MILA KUNIS - gown by Monique Lhuillier, Fred Leighton Bow Bracelet, and Ferragamo heels
If Monique Lhuillier is succesfully transform Drew as a nude pink goddes then she is also succesfully transformed Mila as a 3-years-old princess wannabe girl. It is tule overload here. And THE MOST AWFUL THING is the length of the dress is f-ing weird. Too long for minidress but too short for long dress. What are you doing here, sista?

MARY LOUIS PARKER - gown by Zac Posen.
She is nominated for her role in Weeds. I don't know wether she is so happy for her nomination or she don't have time to prepare. Her looks is so casual for Emmy. It is much better if she is wearing it to a sweet-sixteen party or just having a haute dinner. The big bow is wrong also.

VANESSA WILLIAMS - all unknown.
again I miss the info about Ms. Williams, sorry but they are talking too fast :D. But this gown looks pretty for me. It fits perfectly in Vanessa curvy body. The color choice is uncommon too plus it's not one shoulder. The big earrings and big hairstyle complete it perfectly. Love you, lady!!

Emmy is the last award show each year so to you, fashion police lady, see you next year!!!