I'm perfectly sick right now. It was starting with my department league on Tuesday which I have to play basketball on the very first of my menstrual day. I know I could not make it but there's no one else. So there I go. After that the night is still on coz I have to stay up to do SKP presentation until 4am at Fadil's with Tepy, Fritz, Mbak Tya, and Fadil of course. The worst thing is that in the next day, the presentation is cancelled and replaced by fill-the-blank midterm exam. Yuck!!! I'm so not ready about it..grrrr.....hate you, Mr. Azrar.

So in these time I already felt something wrong in my body. I got flu and extreme headache. But still I had to prepare my photography presentation for Thursday till 8pm.

On Thursday, I do the photography midterm presentation with positive fever. I feel like I didn't touch the ground and everybody said that my face looks so pale. So I called my Dad and said that I'll be home tomorrow af'noon coz tomorrow morning is my librarian sched.
I went home with my bf coz apparently the photography mentor meeting is being canceled.

Friday is our lucky day coz we got our bus easily, the deborah and transBSD. But we got stucked in serious jam around Bintaro Highway Section. It should be only 20mins for me to get home but this jam made me had to wait about an hour. Surely it's an air-con bus so I was shivering along my way home. Later I know that the jam is caused by a truck accident (gosh, drive safely please).

Usually my brother would pick me up in the bus stop but the unlucky me still in her bad luck. My bro still in school (i knew he must be lying, it's 5.30pm for God's sake). So I have to ride the public motorcycle to get home and the wind that blew upon me made this fever getting worse.

And here I am, fever + bad cough + flu + literally threw up sometimes + ultimate headache + shivering.

All I wanna say is Sorry, Stefanus I broke up our weekend plan :((. We should have been celebrating our anniversary this Sat night. But thanks for visiting today, plus my mom loves the 'pastel' and she's debating my grandpa about the meat, whether it is beef or pork hahaha *gak penting pol*.

that's all. ciao!!!

ps. sorry for the bad english, blame it on the headache *wink*

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