Emmy 2009 Fashion Police (kinda late)

Really sorry I'm so much late for this post. This whole week is such a madness in my college. i only sleep a little each day, very exhausting. But I still manage to post something finally.

well on Emmy this year there are a lot of ewww things for me but surely there are several works that worth thousand thumbs up too.

let's give it a shot.
which one do you like and eww the most?
p.s. fell free to comment any of these goddess outfit with me.

JANUARY JONES - silk satin evening gown with embroidered glass beaded bustier by Versace.
I don't know but I kinda feel weird with this outfit. It looks like alien costume in my eyes, are you going to join the Star Trek crew, Ms. Jones?

KIM KARDASHIAN - white one shoulder silk gown by Ina Soltani
Kim looks super-hot in these outfit. She looks glowing by the perfect hairstyle and her huge earrings. It kinda reminds me of J.lo, I guess. Do you?

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT - gown by Max Azria and Judith Leiber clutch.
This is always been her style for red carpet thing, and I only could say B-O-R-I-N-G. Give us any different theme on your look, Ms. Hewitt.

HEIDI KLUM - gown by Marchesa and Lorriane Schwartz jewelry.
who doesn't love this mom of three and soon to be four. The ex- Victoria Secret Angel is still looking stunning and oh so-slim. And I looove the baby bump. The detail on the dress is magnifico.
I simply adore her, just like Seal.

LEIGHTON MEESTER - gown and clutch by Bottega Venetta.
This Upper East Sider bitch is my role-model. I love her bitchyness as Blair, yet her innocense as Leighton. But this time, maybe she got my most 'ewwwwww' so far. I can't believe what she or her stylist think when she choose this dress. The puffy strap on her shoulder reminds me of a puff bread, the layers on the dress made her look oh-so-fat and the makeup (jungle red lips) is a BIG NO for that outfit. If she choose nude for makeup maybe would safe her better. At least I could say, 'Hail to the Goddes'

DREW BARRYMORE - nude pink gown by Monique Lhuillier, jewellry by Anna Hu, and special made clutch by Raven Kauffman Couture.
This is my most fave red-carpet actress. Nominated for her role in Grey Gardens, Drew (again) succesfully appear awesome in a perfect dress choice. This princess dress looks glamour yet simple, bright yet pale. She succesfully balance the soft tone with bright red lipstick. Way to go, ma'am!

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE - gown by Basil Soda and Devi Kroell clutch
At first sight this gown looks pretty, but then I feel it is so much going on there. The one shoulder accent. embroidery lace in the waist area, and the long wave. There are many players and each shout for their own. Thank God the other is neutral.

DEBRA MESSING - gown by Michael Kors and Lorraine Schwartz jeweleries.
So actually this gown is cute, heart the accent in the middle of the dress and the simplicity she offer. Just watchout, Debra. You look undifferent with the carpet below you.

CHLOE SEVIGNY - polkadot gown by Isaac Mizrahi, vintage brooch by Nadine Krakov, and Lana Marks snakeskin clutch.
the cutting is extremely weird plus polkadot is not for a premium award show, enough said.

BLAKE LIVELY - gown by Versace and peep toe heels Christian Louboutin.
She emphasized her beauty perfectly. Her long legs is exposed, very low cut top part of her dress, and the hairstyle that's so young. Very bee-yu-tee-ful. Thanks to her stylist Marie Alice Haney.

KARA DIOGUARDI - all unknown
too bad I didn't catch anything when I see E! about this Idol Judge's Emmy Look. But certainly this dress steal my heart. The most adorable part is the batwing arms and the v-neckline. Gorgeus! At least something that's not one-shoulder, which seems used by almost sixty-percent lady on that show.

SANDRA OH - gown and clutch by Marchesa
The Grey's Anatomy' Star is looke statuesque on this golden dress. Statusque in my vocab means looks like a statue hehehe. The decreasing width in the downline is very unique and the fabric detail made her oh-so-glowing that evening. Go asia!

ROSE BYRNE- gown by Valentino
The dress may be got the best dress award from me, but Ms. Byrne has disturb the beauty of her dress by her hairstyle. What's wrong with you. It's like you are in the middle of doing fitting. Go find a more glam hair.

MILA KUNIS - gown by Monique Lhuillier, Fred Leighton Bow Bracelet, and Ferragamo heels
If Monique Lhuillier is succesfully transform Drew as a nude pink goddes then she is also succesfully transformed Mila as a 3-years-old princess wannabe girl. It is tule overload here. And THE MOST AWFUL THING is the length of the dress is f-ing weird. Too long for minidress but too short for long dress. What are you doing here, sista?

MARY LOUIS PARKER - gown by Zac Posen.
She is nominated for her role in Weeds. I don't know wether she is so happy for her nomination or she don't have time to prepare. Her looks is so casual for Emmy. It is much better if she is wearing it to a sweet-sixteen party or just having a haute dinner. The big bow is wrong also.

VANESSA WILLIAMS - all unknown.
again I miss the info about Ms. Williams, sorry but they are talking too fast :D. But this gown looks pretty for me. It fits perfectly in Vanessa curvy body. The color choice is uncommon too plus it's not one shoulder. The big earrings and big hairstyle complete it perfectly. Love you, lady!!

Emmy is the last award show each year so to you, fashion police lady, see you next year!!!


  1. don't like leighton there, but blake's awesome! i love rose byrne.. i love heidi klum and mary louis parker! :)


  2. hey honey, thanks for dropping by,,

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