those are eye-candy

I'm deeply sorry for becoming such a bad blogger. I know I am. This architecture school life is taking me outta other life all over my head. But me as the one who is newbie in this kinda world is trying as best as I can *wide smile*.
So one time I was goggling with eye-candy as keywords. Then suddenly my eyes hit to these super-cute stuff. In no delay time, my fingers automatically click on it to enlarge the image.

it is such a perfect eye-candy, so beautiful and avant-garde. What do you think? oh maybe this question works better, do you want them?
Since I get these pics from Google Image, i'm not sure about the credits info. So I hope this is right, and so sorry if it is wrong. Feel free to correct me.
enjoy this sugar eye-candy, please.

Yves Saint Lauren

Oscar de la Renta

sorry didn't get any info about this one

plusss..NEW TREND ALERT DETECTED, next season of fashion I predict would be much of disco thingy. Our beloved hollywood stars are spotted in these stuff. Well, go check ur momma closets or join me hitting nearest vintage shops.


have fun with fashion ! ! !

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