This morning I was going to Manggarai Train Station to do photo-hunting for my photography class. I am joing the morning urban vibrant. It was an exhausting to do when you are not completely woke up in the morning. Yes, I was wake up late to catch up the 5.53am train. So me, dika, tepy, and dira are using the 6.30am train. I was sooooo sleeeppy so it took a little more time for me to push my brain to start taking photos.
I was not statisfied with the result today plus Dira's camera run offs in the middle of the time so we decided to come back tomorrow morning. Let's hope I could wake up earlier tomorrow.
And as for today, I'm absent from campus and perfectly stayed on my messy room all alone.

Top: Milchop, Tights: Elowve B. House, Shoes: Amanda Jane's, Bag: LV Monogram Summer Tote, Watch: Esprit.

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