having a lunch date with my boyfriend and  . . . .
I am sorry I don't feel like writing anything today. So please don't mind for an ultra-short post.

power shoulder tops - Magnolia by Orange
satin hw pants - custom made
unbranded sandal, unseen clearly thrifted faux-leather bag, and unwritten thesis *sigh*

for the 'long-time-not-posting-anything' stuff, blame it on my forsaken tasks. See you when I see you.



A Baby as Couple

 (source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrpry3bnVgE)

meteor shower by owl city
I can finally see that you're right there beside me.
I am not my own, for I have been made new.
Please don't let me go, I desperately need you.
I am not my own, for I have been made new.
Please don't let me go, I desperately need you.

The lyrics is short and simple, the song is simple but deep. Just like what we feel and do in our relationship, simple but deep and we keep going strong.  





Giveaway!! come and join us!!

Our lovely Evita Nuh from Indonesia held her first blog giveaway for her worldwide readers!!

the giveaway stuff are very pretty and irresistible for me, so, why not joining and spread this goodness!

(picture courtesy of Evita Nuh)

the giveaway will comes with cute packages. The purple boots is pretty adorable too bad the size is waaay too small for my gigantic feet hahaha.... that's why I choose this cute charm bracelet for me, *crossing all fingers I have on me now*
(picture courtesy of Evita Nuh)

I actually dedicated this post to be such a helping hand to spread goodness! Because beside our dearest friend, Evita Nuh who play as beautiful little Santa in mid April, our fab friend, Diana Rikasari is doing her contribution to Earth by giving away 100 eco-friendly shopping bag to everyone in Jakarta.

(picture courtesy of Diana Rikasari)

The spreading goodness isn't ended yet. Little Miss Fhenny are joining the crowd too. This cute jewelries along with her printed fine art photography are packed and ready to be sent worldwide. click click to know how to get it!

(picture courtesy of Fhenny)

How lovely the world would be if there are lots of Santa like this. Free goodies could create peace on earth I guess hahaha. Again, check her page to make you get some.

sooo how are you, fellas? I'm having an ultra hectic time last week, so apologize me for not having any activity recap post this week. But I will, anytime soon. See you when I see you.




hello bitches and old man!!

thank you for all the lovely comments and for sticking with me after being ignored for more than a week tee heee. I'm really sorry, this Easter and campus thingy has stolen all my life past few days. It means no dress-up time, no photo session time, even I have no Glee and Gossip Girl time.

So, what's up with you in this long weekend, as for me I was rushing here and there to attend many church service. I have campus event on Citos on Saturday too. So, again, I'm sorry for not replying your comments or stopping by at your blog. I've tried as much as I can to keep in touch with you, if there's any of you who I haven't visit yet, yell to me, I'll fly myself there in a jiffy!

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the lunch meet-up on Poste, Kuningan arranged by Sara Veal from The Jakarta Weekender. She is doing a research about twenty-something blogger and ask some bloggers to help her out. That's when I finally met some of these girls.

Last week, daddy is being ordained into the church council. We have a huge church ceremony service this year since there are about 20s who were being ordained that day. As in my family, we had daddy and his cousins, Uncle Ricky. Since this is not the first time for daddy, he has been doing this thrice, we have no special celebration. We just went out for lunch in Kelapa Gading, that's it! hahaa quite boring. 

that's my daddy getting a congratulation greet from our Priest

the service took time on Palm Sunday, that's why my church is decorated with palm leaves all over the place
nothing could defeat boredom better than taking pictures heheeh, we are so bored waiting for daddy after the church service and playing around with the empty church.

printed dress - a gift from my grandma, actually she sewed it to be a sleepwear for me haha
belt - cascade
unbranded tights and accessories
pink suede pumps - ditchy mitchy

I'm a daddy's girl. 
He is the one I will always look up to no matter how tall I grow or how high my heels are