missing ting tings

princess roll, chicken teriyaki roll, chouji roll, and krakatau roll

ZARA TRF babydoll top with bolero, COTTON.INK nude acid 4Ls, AMANDA JANE warrior sandals, LONGCHAMP red tote bag, ESPRIT watch, and a cup of SMOOCH (mix of mango and green apple yoghurt with 4 kinds of mochi)

Instead of going to Soulnation, me and my bf choosed to have a date. That is all my faults coz my mom had a concert phobia that she didn't trust that I can be able to back home safely after going to an RnB concert, yass that's what she thought so as a kind daughter I hold my urge to see The Ting Tings back. And my beloved boyfriend fully understood about that and he ended up took me to have a sushi dinner, yaaaayyy...we choose Sushi Groove and thank God, the vibe is great last night, it is quite calm and comfy, so we could get our quality time *wink*.

We are going around then we bought a cup of smooch fro-yo before we got back to Depok, we have a nice date last night, dear but still I'm still envy people who watched The Ting Tings hehehe.

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