de qualité en temps

today is Saturday night.
. . . and I finally got home from my dorm. It's long holiday due to Idul Fitri Celebration. But the bad news is, I got diarrhea.

I'm not sure what caused my sickness, it is between fro-yo overdosed or my midnite bakso snack with Stefanus.

So I spent 14 hours suffering that shitty disease, after 6tabs of New Diatabs couldn't cure me, my mom gave me a gastro-antibiotics and it saved my life.

Actually, I planned to go out with Stefanus later at night, but I think it would be better for me, and for my parents, if I stay home. So we decided to have our quality time at my house, we had a comfy space in my garage old couch. I made him a cup of tea and he brought dunkin donuts, yaaayyy my dad's love it.

He didn't know that as he went home so did his donuts went to my dad's and grandpa's stomach hahaha -and know I'm sure he finally knew-
Maybe we could add up staying-home opt for our quality time agenda next time.


our madness

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