envie de hosieries

it's my shout out for a madness.
madness for hosiery, tights, leggings, stocking, whatever you name it . . . these are what I found on pixiemarket one time I was browsing inside pixie market, you know I'm not the abroad shopping girl, you know, I can't take the risk though many said it's safe if you dare. So what I do is just browsing, brwosing, and browsing and hoping I could find it anywhere here, local. back to the topic, I found some of their cool tights collection, and suddenly I go crazy and mad coz I know those stuff is a limited and rare kinda stuff, so i need thousand of fairy godmother before I will get it for my closet. the first picture is my most favorite one. To all of you out there, if any of you find somene selling this kinda stuff, please please please do tell me, email me or shout for me on twitter thank you, darla' ...

p.s. check out my less yet ugly collection of them
zara black tights 80D, light grey zipper, mangga dua tartan transparent black stocking, and cottonink nude acid and burgundy 4L's
my other collection is somewhere in the middle of my closet and somehow I can't find it due to the messiness LOL

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