Captured Sweet Memories

I was out for almost whole day today. So you must be expecting lots of my updates. But actually I'm not in kinda mood for sharing anything. Dunno why, don't ask. But there's one sweetest thing I want you to know. I just had a wonderful journey to Sumba, NTT about a month a go, along with my campus-mate. We are doing research there.

And thanks to my dearest friend Cinet a.k.a Mulia Idznillah, she is successfully captured my several sweetest moment there.
Since she haven't finished uploading her pictures yet, so I'm posting the first part of it. And this is perfect, so perfect till I wanna comeback though it's pretty tough there. Have a look at her picture!

and to see more of her fab pictures, visit her FB here!

i love his expression and the color tone of the pic

we're doing a morning walk around the village and we found find this puppy, he was easily came to us when we called him so stefanus reached him and bring it to our base camp. A few minutes later he was leaving us because her mother is barking at us. Oh cute puppy, I wish I could take you home.

still amazed how these people could make their landscape by stack of stones. While in this pic, stefanus is coaching me. In idznie vocab, she called us student-teacher scandalous haha.

idk what was he thinking here, LMAO, nice one, cinet!

oh no look at our dirty-tired-oily face

this is my team, we are taking pic in the edge of east sumba and west sumba. we got a most awesome view and scenery along the way. Gosh, I'll never forget those breath-taking views.

in the no-traffic street, we are mad here, crazy-taking thousands of picture. And look at the stunning sky, as blue as my jeans. haha

jump honey, jump, move ur body up hehee

aaaahhh and this is my favorite one. Hello world, I introduce you to my super cute cousins, his name is Umbu. look at her reddish cheek, stunning hair, puffy skin, perfectico!! Dear stefanus, please give me a son like this.

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