Muhammad Rizal Giri and Vera Indriyani Wedding

Hello World!

Today is my cousin's wedding. My cousin is the groom for tonight. The romantic Javanese reception is held on Sultan Hotel tonight. It's 100% Javanese completed with Keris, Blangkon, and Waljinah Hairstyle. Noooo, since I'm his far relatives I don't do those style. But some near relatives of mine got trapped in that, why trapped because most of them be induced to do so and they said they hate it hahahaha..Well of course it came from our younger brothers and sisters who still got ABG title which trying hard to get westernized, or what they called modernized. As time goes by, I hope they would respect their culture more. I mean it is neutral, their mature thoughts would bring them to that point.

First of all, I want to thank all friends who had helped me to make my decision on what to wear tonight. And tadaaaaa...

this dress is the chosen one

 Magenta Dress - EXZE (Sogo, Plaza Senayan), Chained Bag - Mom's Chanel, Open Toe Pump - Yongki Komaladi, Jewelries - Mom's

And I'm happy for what I suggest to my sist. She just recovered from chickenpox so she still got several marks on her skin. She decided to get covered up for tonight. And this is what I suggested to her....it is not bad at all, aiigghtt???

Zipper Dress - unbranded (bought it on Teraskota Bazaar), Sheer Shirt - Zara Basic, Open Toe Ankle Strap - Noche (Sogo, Plaza Senayan), Clutch - gift from a friend, Jewelries - Mom's

Mom's using  lacey dress from Cascade and a brand new silver clutch and silver bejeweled heels. Since it new I haven't check it yet. And her jewelries is her pride jewelry collection.

yes yes I know we extremely look-a-like, and I bet you won't believe we are 6 years apart, but yes (again) we exchange everything except undies and boyfriend.

this is the lovely bride and groom. oke that was awful but blame it to some "ibu-ibu" around me who constantly pushing me. heey auntie, I'll step backward if you be patience and not pushing me forward. I just wanna capture one click. But since you annoyed me I stand still with my 12cm heels right in front of you. Sorry!!! *and she kept pushing me till the bridegroom passed me by*

 my nearest cousin is right in the center of the photo. He is the son of my mom's sister. The rest two in Javanese costume is his cousins from his father side. That's what I mean with far relatives hehehehe

her name is Gina. She used to play with Christy when they are younger, when finally she met Christy again she literally jumping up and down and tried to hold her. Thank God she still remember that she wore stretch kebaya and huge konde now. She said "eww this Konde is even bigger than my head" hahahaha...She is lovely though and she is soooo great at playing piano. That night she presentsed piano playing of "if we hold on together" for the bride.

That's all from tonight round up.

And I wish for the Newlyweds

have a great marriage life to come, have some cutest children, and hope you two be forever newlyweds.


  1. congrats to your cousin! you and your sister are so lovely (and your dress is absolutely gorgeous!) :)

  2. such a stunning dress..
    thanks for following :)
    wanna exchange links??
    i've added you on my blog roll...

  3. hei anastasya nice posting, lovely dress, you looks so beautifull
    and your sister was beautifull too, :)
    your mom so fashionable btw...

  4. congrats you the newlywed :)..

    great dress dear!! and your sister also looks good it that outfit :)..nice suggestion that you give to her :)

  5. found you on 20SB. cute outfits. you've got a lovely sense of style.

  6. fab!
    nice blog. wanna exchange link?
    see my blog too yea and leave comment.
    thanks before!


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