Brightspot Market Christmas Edition


Two days ago, which means Friday, Nov 11th, I was going to Brightspot Market on Plaza Indonesia. I'm doing a duet shopping with my besty Winda. Well..as the result of that I'm broke now hehe..no no..I'm just overreacting....

As usual, Brightspot is cramped and packed, yess but lucky us we arrived there around Magrib time so it's quite empty. We even got several time to do changing-room-ing (is that even a word? tee hee). We still have comfy space to do shopping. So next time, use this time range girls.

AS first stop we go straight to Cotton Ink booth and I got my boyfriend shirt. By that time I was a little bit in love with the lavender hanging on the Mirror next to their shawl-shelf. But I let go.

one booth that always full of crowd that night? yess definitely Ria Sarwono's and Carline Darjanto's COTTON.INK !! your booth decor is lovely and so are you girls. How I envy Carline's absolute boxy. Please restock them!!

We go around until we decided to stop at Nikicio booth and tried up The Signature Dress. This was my 2nd purchase on that night. So far we got the exact purchase. And the Nikicio Dress we got is the two last stocks available, talking bout lucky night, eh?

if you think it's just a piece of cloth, yeess you are right, it's a spandex material with some stitching in several spot and voilaa, magic happens. It can transform to skirts, tops, dress, outer, etc. click here! for more!!!

after getting soooo manny ways of wearing this dress (and doing that is so much fun hehehe),
I decided I'm using this style for my Chrismas Eve occasion. I love the wrinkle effect caused by the material. Thank you, Nina for your awesome design. Am will post my ways of wearing later on. (ps. whooopppssss sorry for the bra strap seen there hihihihi)

Then before we decided to leave, Winda ordering a hot, super hot I mean, pink pumps at Naima. Too bad it's last stock and seems like not in good condition anymore since it's the display product. So she got to order it and paid the down payment only. Me...super envy thaaatt!!! why I don't get one for me too? is because I already got 4 pumps, but haven't got that pink colour, and I'm in the middle of doing savings for something, will tell you later on, aiiggghhtt??

this is Winda's option for NAIMA shoes. I vote for the Pink one and I believe you are on my side hehe. And she's listening to me yaayy,,,
the Pink one is way too HOT!! Well I also love the beige one far behind, how about considering get both of them.

After Naima, actually we're doing another round for Fadil's order. He asked us to take picts of jeans,jackets, or man shoes. But I blame him because of this, when I passed by cotton ink booth, in the mean time, I saw there are only two stocks available for red stripes shawl. Without any further thoughts I go to Ria and bought it. It's sooo your fault, Dil!! hehehehe...

my new cotton ink family member, boyfriend shirt and red stripy shawl. And now can't stop thinking of the lavender one. gosshhh!!!
please save one stock for me to be available online, pleaaseeee!!!

Ok, this two pics is the prefect prove that I actually searching for some shoes for fadil, not having any intention to shop anything after Nikicio dress. But I failed hehe,,to the cutest of red stripy!!!

so the night is continued by doing mall-walking, plz ind0-plz indo extension-ex, back and forth. They are having midnight sale promo there. But again, we decided to wait for several weeks to come, financial reason hehehee.

And this is and interesting fact that I just found out when I was taking pictures above. That both my purchase products is environmentally friendly. Take a look!!!

Nikicio got cloth bag to wrapped my Signature Dress and though Cotton Ink use plastic, look at the plastic recycled sign. It's recylceable and it's the fifth times...woo hoo..I feel great doin green-shopping hehehe. At least it decreased my guilt because of breaking up my savings vow.

Another story form Brightspot, my mom just told me that Mayhem by Muntik is by Mbak Muntik. Yess, Mbak Muntik I know from my childhood time. it's my mom's boss daughter..it's a small world after all, right? and surprisingly, mommy said that her mother gave me discount for buying her stuff hahaahha...yihahaaaaa....I surely love you, Mbak Muntik.

HA?? will do more strict savings for now!!!

p.s. We are ended our Night with NEW MOON!! andd ohhh surely I'm TEAM JACOB..wooot wooottt!!! sorry Edward girls, am only speaking real man hehehe..

who can stand and not losing her breath seeing this!! i literally choked up when the first scene he opens his shirt for bella..uwooo...if being werewolf is this sexy will consider change my man to werewolf then hahaha *stupid thoughts*

oke stop this...my boyfriend will get mad seeing me over-talking bout Jacob hehehe...

Kiss, kiss, darling...See you when I see you!!



  1. Blogwalking and I saw your post... Dan tiba2 terpikir... Anaknya mbak runny ya? :)
    Salam kenal, aku di HR situ juga hehehe

  2. Hello Tante, temen kantornya mama ya,,yess, I'm Mrs. Runny Adi 1st daughter :). thanks for visiting here ya, Tante. Kok tiba2 tau aku anaknya?

  3. noooo jangan panggil tanteeee, kayaknya kita gak jauh beda kok umurnyaaaa.
    Taunya dari mana? Pertama sih masuk ke sini karena di post sama nikicio (aku ngincer signature dress yg jersey), trus kamu mention anaknya Pak Syaiful, dan kalo liat nama belakangmu... jadi aku nebak aja :)
    salam buat mama yahhh

  4. Iyah, aku orang terakhir yang dapet Jersey Signature Dress'nya Nina ;))


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