thursday riot, almost can't handle it

Got a last minute invitation from Cleo Magazine, thanks to Mbak Nitra who contacted me to get my invitation right on Thursday hahahaha couple hours before the scheduled date. However, I actually have full day class schedule on Thu so it's pretty hectic to me who 'take-off' from home at 6am and landed back about 11-ish at night. But I managed to handle it all thanks to my great boyfriend who always stand beside me to help me this and that.

I was not in the shopping mood last thursday plus I have some kind of commitment to due to Easter Day, so I didn't shop much and I was surprised I am able to do only IDR 70,000 expenses for Cotton Ink. It broke my commitment though but hey, who can't resist Cotton Ink *sorry dear Lord*.
The place was pretty crowd too, considered it was an invitation only event at first few hours, and getting worse when it was open for public later at night. *sigh* Sweat is all over my body, even though I already got one shoulder tank top. Pretty disappointing too coz some stuff are pretty much the same with the previous Brightspot Market and so does the booth decor. Or maybe it's just me who easily get bored? I don't know, it is totally my humble personal opinion.

Managed to meet tons of people there and busy with taking picture, I am thankful for such experience I got there, thank you Brightspot team. (being able to do little spending is sitting on the top of my thankful list :D)

Intan, Mala, and Me meet Lalitia there

with Winda, we got trapped in Mampang traffic jam for quite a while and managed to go from Depok to Pacific Place in one hour, geeezzz 'Enjoy Jakarta'!!!

in fully-packed Naima booth. In love with the shape but not with the patent material, it's too shiny. 
btw, I'm wearing Nikicio signature dress in jersey black (worn as one shoulder outer), Zara strip tank, unbranded black tights and handbag, Retail Therapy three-straps grey flats, and random jewelries.

this is my two most-favorite booth decor. Geulis (upper) and The Balletcats (lower). Love Geulis' backdrop of patchwork and some of it are Batik pattern! also love The Balletcats giant signature icon, feel like I wanna buy that instead of their unique t-shirt :)

meet some blogger friends there, Tysha, Mirra, and Lalita.  I've seen Diana Rikasari, Heidy Kalalo, and Gricia too but too bad I couldn't be able to be near enough to greet them. Ah, and I'm sorry T and M for the bad photo quality, looks like our spot isn't bright enough to make a good picture. Btw, love Tysha's gold top and Mirra's heels.

my one and only findings at this event, a shawl from Cotton Ink. I have to admit that when I saw the booklet they gave me on Brighstpot at home later, I regret that I didn't buy some of their new pieces. Their booth is waaay too crowded it's really hard for me to choose anything, it's me who need several time to decide what to buy, surely not your fault dear C n R :). Now all I can do is hoping there will be some left for me, which is pretty impossible hahaha. But this Rosette on Rosette classic tubular shawl could made me satisfied at the moment, love the color, love the material, and hate the reality that I can't get enough of it *no I'm kidding, love it actually*

(left to right) my college girls: sekar, me, mala, winda, and intan

thank you, Brightspot Market surely we'll see you again next time.



  1. really like your style. very chic.

  2. all of you look so cute!


  3. yahh gadapet foto bareng. :((
    but however, it was so nice to meet you dear. :D

    u look chic. love itt. :9

  4. huwooo...
    great moment ya walau cm bentar :P
    u such lucky have seen diana rikasari bcuz i'm not hehe..
    check my latest post ya

  5. looks like fun...you guys look great in your pictures...

  6. Hiks ga bs dateng :(
    You seem to have a great time there dear..:)

  7. iya nih gw jg ga bisa dtg kmrn huhuhu. dpt apa aja?? signature dressnya nikicio bagusssssss

  8. i love how you wear the nikicio signature dress as an outerwear. just make me want to buy it. =)) nice outfit tasya!

    have a nice day!


  9. cool dress :)
    agree, cotton ink penuh, ampe cma bsa beli 2 barang doang
    nice post kak :)

  10. all of you look gorgeous! kayanya asik banget nih event-nya. kapan2 kalo ada brightspot market lagi mau ke jakarta ah. hehe.
    let's take pics together if we meet up! :)

  11. whooa i want to buy one shawl to from cotton ink .
    btw, it looks like you have much fun time there dear:)

    Check my latest post


  12. aah so nice phtos!
    yea, it's okay anas :)

    anyho j town is nice?


  13. cool you were one of the invitee! how was brightspot? i didn't get the chance to come due to tight weekend schedules. :(

  14. you guys looks great cool picts

  15. like the top your wearing perfect for the summer shopping :)

  16. beautiful and chic, kak! :)

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    veren .a little princess.


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