Oscar 2010, what a show!

 Warm Hello!!
As we might know, that Oscar's Night is just aired on TV! Did you managed to see it? Well as for me, I was mesmerized by the stage set at the Kodak Theater on that night. The stage is so fabulous in my eyes, the arch at the front edge, the backgrounds, everything!! for those of you who haven't seen it yet, take a look!!

this is the design made by David Rockwell
 (image courtesy of fastcompany.com)

this is how he came up with
(image courtesy of vimooz.com)

Seeing this made me said to myself, I would love to design that kind of thing someday, somehow! :D. Not enough for you? worry not. This is the performance of So You Think You Can't Dance contestants on Oscars Night. They performed a dance adapted from the Oscars nominee movie. Take a look, satisfaction guarantee.

(video courtesy of sytycdism.com and thanks to Lalitia who has tweeted this link) 

Oscar might be the last show this year and seemed like the stars really take it seriously. The red-carpet show is awesome, everyone came up with their best style and it's hard to find the wardrobe malfunction player this time. Take a look at my personal choices of best dressed nominee.

(all images below courtesy of Just Jared)

 I have to admit that this is my first time seeing KStew on haute couture, and she looks pretty gorgeous in this beautiful strapless gown by Monique Lhuillier. I hope she stays like this until the Eclipse premiere heehee.

a navy gown by Valentino accompanied with nude peep-toe pumps looks fabulous on Mimi. I personally love it and might want some for me, please!!!

I believe this is the very first time printed dress looks haute on red carpet. Rachel McAdams looking flawless on Elie Saab Haute Couture. love love love!!!

I love Anna Kendrick make-up and hairdo. It looks very young and sweet, definitely gonna copy this for my uncle's big wedding later. And this style are perfectly matched the sweet Elie Saab Haute Couture nude pink dress and Judith Lieber clutch.

Zoe, daughter of Lenny Kravitz looking effortlessly stunning with this velvet-cream gown. And the big bow at her back detail is kinda cute. Sadly, I can't find any info about who is she wearing. 

I love her Marchesa dress, I love her sleek hair, I love her make-up, and I love to see her winning her Best Actress in a Leading Role Nomination for The Blind Side!!! YAAYYY!!! She has been my favorite actress since Speed! And she is really perfect for my BEST DRESSED award!!

the story hasn't ended yet, I forgot to mention this on my previous post. I want to send a big bunch of thank you to B'Girl Magazine for featuring me and some of my fab blogger friends on their March edition. Well, this was not my best picture since I kinda believe this was the first pose that I'm not ready yet -_-'' but still I gotta be thankful for that. Thanks guys!!!

I promise you that outfit post will come out in no times! I haven't find any reason to go out and dress up since everyone around me keep on yelling at me to get some rest due to my accident wounds. I'm feeling totally great, though, so maybe I'll push them to allow me out in couple of days :D.

p.s. for those of you who haven't read my previous post, and wondering where the hell I've been for quite some time, you might want to read this, click click!

In the mean time, please take a good care of yourself. continue a ser fabuloso cada dia, vê-lo em um piscar de olhos.


  1. I have disabled the word verification thingy for posting comments, I hope it could help to save some of your time. Besides, I felt fed up since the last time I have to type 'spermish' when I was trying to post comments on somebody's blog. Who made that kinda word anyway???

  2. haha me too :) , hopehope yaa ! i'd love to making some new friends xD . woow, get well soon okay, dont rush to get up from your bed and dressed when you're in recovering situations LOL . prioritizing health first !

    xoxo bee <3

  3. I love Sandra's gown and I'm glad she bagged the award. She is awesome. xoxo

  4. i haven't seen the oscar gala yet (in poland it was broadcasted in the middle of the night). i adore sandra bullock's dress. besides, she looks marvellous!

    take care!

  5. sandra did look gorgeous on Oscar and she won best actress too. total perferct. =))
    my fave is Rachel McAdams's dress.

  6. sandra's dress is amazing. the only problem is her makeup. oh please those pink lipstick.... just dont dig em ;p
    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  7. i love rachel mcadams' dress!! and zoe's dress, it's just beyond words, elegant and chic and she really rocks the dress. sandra bullock looks sooooo lovely, i love her!

  8. rachel mcadams is amazing!!
    thanks for d comment!
    veren .a little princess.

  9. wow.. i didn't watch it. the stage is amazing!!
    my fave is anna kendrick's dress!

  10. love this entry! elie saab haute couture dresses are flawless, really, and who doesn't like sandra bullock? ;) kristen stewart looks gorgeous, too, eventhough my favorite remains cameron diaz.

    congrats for the feature too, Tasya. well-deserved. wish i could be featured sometimes, too, bet that'll be lots of fun!

  11. Anna Kendrick is the best-dressed! <33
    congrats on the feature =D

  12. You totally deserve that feature!

  13. congrats for feature~ love this post :)

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