VIXEN by Evelyn Francisca

A warm hello to my dearest blog-world!

Blame me for being such a bad blogger due to lack of updates. Seriously, my thesis stuff is killing me. So now I am trying to pay my debt to you all. Last days of April, I got the invitation for ESMOD SHOW on FASHION NATION EVENT by Senayan City with Audi, April 29th on Senayan City Atrium. A friend of mine, Evelyn Francisca  held her latest collection runway show there. Too bad, disease hit me on the last minute, my sore throat fever had beaten me and I failed to attend this event *extreme sadness*. 

No worry, ladies. Some of my other friends managed to attend the event and snapped some for me. Seeing these photos, made me feeling sad even more. The collection is very edgy and gorgeous in the same way. Therefore I promise to myself, I would keep my health until her next show at Fashion and Food Festival at Kelapa Gading.

Until then, kindly enjoy her latest collection,

 Vixen by Evelyn Francisca.

finale pose
ps. I am totally into what Kimmy has in her, and those shades are killer!!

the designers from ESMOD

(credits: Winda Meiliana and Evelyn Francisca facebook photo album)

Who's agree with me, gorgeous right? Well, I wish her great successful life to come and bringing all that fabulous idea into life. Way to go, Eve. 

There is another thing I want to share with you. My campus is going to hold our annual event called A[rch_UI]FAIR 2010 or AFAIR 2010. The event would be held in :
date : June, 24th 2010
place: Main Atrium, Cilandak Town Square
event organizer : Student Organization of Architecture Department, Universitas Indonesia

Of course, everyone is invited. The event will talk about ar(t)chitecture and there would be talkshow, exhibition, and competition. Talking about competition, I would like to invite you, high school and college students, to join the competition.

there are slight changes on the terms and condition so that BOTH COMPETITION are open for high school and college student. Interested? click our official blog to see the complete TOR or send question to our cp (Sekar 081361702630)

Still no outfit posts till now since I even have no times to just sit and breathe. I hope I can do that real soon and for those comments which I haven't replied yet, I will catch you up.In the meantime, please stay positive, keep up the good work, and just like GLEE said, don't stop believing.



  1. wow her collection is awesome tasya :D

  2. wow di sency yah ini? acara apa nih fashion show dr esmod? gila keren loh foto2nya, foto pake slr tas?

  3. i absoluitely agree with you! gorgeous collection!

  4. What a show! gorgeous.. =)

  5. These pieces are lovely and overwhelming to look at. The collection is gorgeous with the pastel and neutral tones. I wish I can own the lace piece.

  6. kren bgt ini tasya koleksinya..
    suka deh gw :))

  7. the collection certainly has an edge to it..adore the lace details <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  8. visit her website


    to see the catalog or orders!!!

  9. uhh maaff gw ga baca2in tulisannya hahah u know lahhh cuma liatin gmbrnya doank hahaha. bgs2 loh foto2nya pke slr sih yah ga heran dehhh

  10. stunning design, love the fur things
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  11. wow.. the collections are taking my breath away! gorgeous!! =))

    hugs and kisses,
    Fashion Fantasy Land

  12. that collection looks really great!


  13. those are gorgeous collection. love the texture combination
    thanks for the bday greeting tasya!
    have a great week ahead!

  14. wow, collectionnya kereeen.. suka banget!!!
    thanks for sharing your photos, really really love the collections!! ^^
    anyway, do u know evelyn fransisca?

  15. lovely outfits
    really a great colloction nice you desevre for compliments its lovely

  16. wiii bsk nntn donk brati?? selamat menikmati, nonton dgn seksama yah hahaha. happy watching!

  17. woah this is a fabulous collection !!
    the ruched details are amazinggg !

    ohh yeah, i really recomment you buying those pants :) enak bgt and really flattering.. kek nya walaupun pinggul besar bgs jg dh.. :)

    cheers for the nice comments :)
    have a great TGIF !

  18. Hello Tasya,

    It must be great to see such an amazing collection from ESMOD,,

    btw, I'm new in fashion blogging. And need some comments or advices.. Would you like to see my blog? I'll appreciate it soo much.


  19. thank you for sharing, tasya. cantik banget collection-nya. details-nya keren! suka banget sama yg serba lace! :)

  20. OMG cool collection love the fashion show too

    please visit & follow me on


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