Say It With Jewelry!!

If it comes to May then it's mommy's birthday to come. She would be 52 years old this year and it has been nearly two weeks for me getting confused about what present should I give to her. My mom is a jewelry addict, gold to be exact, she tends to buy a jewelry shop than a house if she gets any money hahaha. Every time we go to mall or shopping place and pass a jewelry shop, there is no doubt she would stop, stare, and enter. Her jewelry collection is far more beyond her shoes or bags collection.

This kinda addiction made me decided to give her some kind of jewelry. I know I can't afford to buy her gold, if there's any of those matched my budget it would be the simplest, not so dazzling one. The gold price nowadays is freakishly expensive.

Then comes an angel. No, I'm kidding. Sarah from LuShae Jewelry get me bumped into her website and guess what, their collection are pretty and dazzling. She offer me free gift that I can choose whatever I want and that super pretty piece would be sent to my house also for free. Hurraaahhh!!

I instantly fell in love with her ring, some of them are statement ring, collection. I suddenly forget my-mother-birthday-present thingy and only think about me me me hahaha. There are also series of PROMISE RINGS which fly me to any proposal imagination. *pssstt don't tell my boyfie*.  My personal choice fell on these marvelous piece.

uupper left: Square Matte, | upper right: Two Toned Classic | bottom left: Bijoux | bottom right: Tuscan Sun

Their collection are in gold and white gold material and sell for a quite affordable price. Interested, huh? for more of their marvelous ring collection, CLICK CLICK, BABY!!

Did I already tell you about my engagement imaginary when I saw their promise ring collection? Yes? No? whatevs, but it will make you dreamin fairy tale, honey. Imagining those pretty stuff lay perfectly on your finger. How can you say no to these, with an on-bended-knee-man of course

upper left: Golden Mystique, | upper right: First Class 
bottom left: Premiere Passion | bottom right: Queen Mary 

Then I remembered one word, MOM ahaahaha bad daughter.  So I decided to pass this sincere offering to be a beautiful present for my mom. I go for LuShae Pendant Collection, to avoid any mistaken size if I order rings. They are as pretty as their ring collection. After a long pick-and-drop moments, I finally choose . . .
Chelsea Leaf Desing Pendant

Isn't this piece of art pretty? About yesterday the package has arrived. It is as pretty as this catalog picture in real life. I really can't wait for May 21st to come and surprise mom with this pendants. Promise me to keep your mouth shut, okay? :D. And after all, I have to say "hugeee thaaanksss" to my dear Sarah from LuShae Jewelry. It really means a lot for me. I definitely gonna order again for these beautiful collection. I wish all the best to LuShae and keep on adding the catalog with more and more pretty stuff. 

 Much kisses also to everybody who has read this post, I really appreciate your time and it means a lot to me.


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  2. All of the jewelry are great... confused to choose what's my fave. hahaha. =)

  3. They're all so pretty. I'm lusting after all the rings now. LOL.

  4. such pretty jewelry !
    many thanks for the sweet comments..

    glisters and blisters

  5. I love it all :) can't wait till my engagement day.. (LET US DREAM!!) lmao


  6. fabulous jewellery! the queen mary ring is my dream wedding ring!

  7. kamu juga dikasi emailnya ya? aku juga..bagus bagus ya :))
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  8. gotta love lushae!


  9. your mom will love it, I guarantee! XD

  10. all those jewelries are lovely!

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  12. those are lovely jewelry!

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