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 leather bag (just realised I haven't change it for a week hahaha) found at bazaar | denim look leggings fb onlineshop | fitted vest kids department at SOGO | loose tee Gaudi | stripe shawl Cotton Ink | accesorries random

Dropping a kind hello, to all of you out there. A huge apologize from me for being a bad bad blogger for such week. I have too many things to do for my thesis thingy, plus I have two side-job to handle, so I'm spending my whole day at campus, with their suck internet connection.This is my campus outfit on Thursday.

Soooo, this hell of a week begins with a cup of joy granted to my blog. I got an award tagged by the lovely girly blogger,  


this award comes with a long line of question to be answered, but it's okay, no gain without pain right, teee heee, so one two three, here we go . . .

1. Where is your cell phone? I'm handling it right now
2. Your hair? black
3. Your mother? a banker, a loyal one.
4. Your father? a highly determined worker
5. Your favorite food? italian
6. Your dream last night? I dream my own death *scary*
7. Your favorite drink? Chinese tea or cold ocha
8. Your dream/goal? a successful mature lady
9. What room are you in? dorm room
10. Your hobby? networking
11. Your fear? being left outside alone
12. What do you want to be in 6 years? a high salary worker :D
13. Where were you last night? at a family party
14. Something you aren't? quiet
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? anything Louis Vuitton, Tiffany&Co Jewelry, Apartment in Upper East Side
17. Where did you grow up? Jakarta
18. Last thing you did? a date with boyfie
19. What are you wearing? shorts, loose tee
20. Your TV? blank, I rarely watch TV
21. Your pets? koi fishy
22. Your friends? precious
23. Your life? undoubtly wonderful with some bricks that I can handle
24. Your mood? lazy, super lazy
25. Missing someone? high school besties
26. Vehicle? public transport, I hate private car, wasting nature energy
27. Something you're not wearing? accessories
28. Your favorite store? online shop, ZARA, or NyLa
29. Your favorite color? black, purple, gold
30. When was the last time you laughed? few hours ago
31. Last time you cried? when I woke up after a bad dream this morning
32. Your best friend? my boyfie
33. One place where I go over and over again? home
34. One person who emails me regularly? facebook notification :D
35. Favorite place to eat? anywhere italian

and I will pass this to EVERYONE, yes you, yes you too, all of you. And for those of you who wants this so bad and in the same way needs to be promoted, I'm willing to help, email me and I'll tag you for this award. I can't do huge for you but at least I can help a little right, hee hee.
Another cup of happiness continued with a huge one. I was attending 2010 Blogger Meet-Up at KOIKI Japanese Restaurant, at Plaza Indonesia last FridayIt wasn't my comfort Friday actually I have several stuff to do at separated place. Sadly, I had to leave early before anybody else since I have to rush myself to dad's bday dinner at BSD, Tangerang. Actually I don't have my heady fully where its belong when I was in Koiki, I'm thinking how am I gonna arrived there in time. So this stupid girl forgot taking out her camera at all. The result I don't have any single record of this precious moment. Gaaahhh. Now, I'm like a beggar begging for other's photos. Well, since not all of the people who came uploaded their photo yet, I just give you a sneak peek of it. A group photo which captured succesfully with girls from B'Girl Magz.Yes, we have special guest too, Mbak Ines and Mbak Dina from B'Girl Magazine who took our pics for their magazine purpose. Woot Woot, and thanks for the bright goodie bag too, B'Girl.


and this is my outfit for the Secondary Color dresscode
 thanks to Yofanny of Huelicious I finally have couple photos which include my whole outfit photo. I didn't do couple photo much because I left when everybody's doing their couple photo session *sad again*. This sucks reality made me promise myself I have to attend another blogger meet-up full time.
green blazer unbranded | studded dark navy dress Gaudi | strapy wedges Diaz by Diaz Boutique, Bandung | leather bag bazaar catch

but I promise you to post the whole photos of me on the blogger meet-up later (after I finish begging here and there :D)

In the meantime, please take a good care of yourself. My epilogue of the day is if you follow or leave any comment here, I'll do my return in no times. See you when I see you, darling.



  1. Yeah too bad i didn't join the meet up kak :( but we'll arrange another meet up ya. Don't worry :)

  2. i love ur scarf !
    and do post more photos from the meet up :D i've posted mine up now :D

    nice post dear !
    thx for the comment on my blog
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  3. I am LOVING your scarf in that first outfit! Adorable!

  4. love the way that red shawl spices up your monochrome colour tone outfit! you look fabulous! and thanks for the credit! hihihi

  5. yapp. :) itu jg ad bbrp yg gw kopi dr yg laen sih. hehehe.

  6. yeayyy there's me!lol
    no worries, there's still a lot of time we can meet!yeayy :DDD

    yeah it's my rooom, the closet is mine and my sis's :P

  7. love ur photo with the goodie bag too ka! :)

  8. yah gada yg kita foto bareng :( hihih, it's nice to meet u though! :)
    already linked u anyway!

    keep in touch

  9. I love the title of your post... I agree, create a mark, be unique! xoxo

  10. oh ya, i already followed u too! :))

  11. Tasya... I really really really loved your outfit...
    The leather bag is so chick...

    The outfit goes well with harmony from top to toe...

    P.S. I loved your loose tee...

  12. check out my post about our meet up.. meeting you felt so surreal coz one minute you were like sitting there and the next thing i know when i wanted to take a pic with u, miskus said you were alrdy gone to ur dad's bday dinner.. i hope you'll enjoy yourself more on the next meet-up kak..

    ps: please join my giveaway :)


  13. Love this post :)
    Great blog!
    Stop by some time xx

  14. nice meeting you tasya! too bad you cant join till the end. =(( we should meet up again.

  15. iya nih malu *blushing hahaha. behhh sampe di bannned, klo gw sih baju barong msh bnyk yg pake soalnya klo yg berwarna kan ga gt tipis. klo yg putih gw jg pakein daleman lg. tp yahhh plgan klo pake baju aneh2 diomongin kakak kls, mrka rada ga biasa ngeliat baju yg aneh2 hahahaha

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous scarf and I really do love your bag too!

  17. love your scarft... :)

    don't forget to join my blog giveaway dear.. :)


  18. looking sooo comfy with the outfit yet still looking stylish :D :D

  19. Glad to know that you're also a fan of B'girl Magz ^^
    I like your daily casual style too

    Mia @ Pink Pecan

  20. i like ur shawl dear. hhe. :)
    yes it is. yepp, i can. hehehe. i like playing hulahoops, hhehe. & its good for my big abs. ;p

  21. hehe iya say. udah kuadd ya. tengkyuuu ^_^

  22. sebenernya sih bacanya biasa aja safena marfa gt, tp klo dibikin jd safenya marfa bgs jg yah bacanya jd sexy gt. hahaha. thx yahh gw ga kepikiran loh sebelumnya hahaha. itu pake wig koq, udah pendek itu rmbt gw hahah. ga keliatan kannn senangnyaa. hmm recommendednya apa yah, salmon sashiminy enak, fresh gt. trs gindara, jamur, sama dagingnya enak bgt. jamurnya enak bgt!! gw ga tau namanya gw cuma makan2 doank kerjaany hahahahaha


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