A day trip to Taman Safari Indonesia

Me and a bunch of my college-mate decided to have a holiday together at a villa in Puncak. For my loyal blog readers you must have already known about my trip. On day two, we decided to have an all day trip to Taman Safari Indonesia, this is an Indonesia version of Zoo.

It's been a while since my last visit of the zoo, maybe the last time I checked in here is when I'm still at 8th grade. I don't remember actually. And apparently, there are so much upgrades they've add to this lovely zoo. They have "imported" dolphin from the Hindia Ocean, the Australian kangaroo, and even PENGUINS from north pole!! YES, our zoo here in Indonesia, the tropic country, have Penguins in our zoo, wahooo!!

So we are having damn much fun there and I promise myself that my children must visit this place regularly instead of malls. It's really worthed the price, the ticket fee is IDR 60,000 or less than US$ 6.00, cool isn't it?
and this is some snaps from the zoo.

ps. buat orang2 jakarta atau yang sering ke taman safari, maaf ya gw norak :D, baru liat lagi soalnya hehehe (this sentence wrote in Indonesian, and I guess you don't wanna know the meaning dear foreign friends tee heee)

we made friends with this gorgeous creatures


and here's our snaps :D well, actually there a waayy soo many photos we took but I'm sure you would feel fed up with it so enjoy this. If you would like to see the rest of the photos, I'll post it up later in my facebook album.


my most favorite group photo . . .
me, myself, and I photographed by my boyfriend. I felt like living in Forks in this gloomy, cloudy, rainy, place.

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So, how about you, have you visit your local zoo recently?


  1. it seemed like you had a nice trip, huh ?
    i've been there, around 6 years ago . how it seems now ? hihi


  2. hey love your leggings thought it was denims :) and the bag is awesome:)

  3. love ur legging denim! fierce :))
    yes even (chihuahua) she's only 750gr
    soo mini yah? hahahhaha :))
    have a nice day darla~ and ur trip look so fun :)
    yudia aiiu

  4. ohh just realized my boyfriend didn't appeared here, he took all the great photographed here :)

    sorry babe :D

  5. Love your leggings :)

    You're sooo effortlessly chic. Awesome! :)

  6. love the group photos as well very vibrant with pops of the colour from the hijab girl..nice..Zoo remind me on my first date with my husband...ahaks..

  7. Tasya.... I loved your outfit from top to the toe... You look beautiful with that simple outfit..

  8. waaahh ada penguin-nya juga yah skrg?? trakhir aku kesitu pas SD kelas 2 (skrg aku udah kuliah semester 1, bayangin itu udah brapa taun yg lalu?!?) hihi :p
    aku di Tangerang di daerang Cimone. hehe pasti ga tau ;p
    btw, love ur ZARA bag so much! very cool!

  9. hi there, thx 4 dropping by yaaa. hehe. :)
    yepp see u tomorrow! :D


  10. hwaaaaa..it seems that you had a great trip!!

    I don't remembered when the last time I visited a zoo..haha..i think it's when I'm ini elementary or maybe junior high school..hahaha

    anw,,the denim look leggings is great!! what's the name of the online shop tas?hihi

  11. Woohooo.....senangnya bisa jalan-jalan ke Taman Safari.

    I'll bet you must be the most stylish tour-member between the others there :) And yess....I adore your Zara bag too ^ ^

  12. such a fun trip with u're friends...
    btw,i give u an award..check in my blog y :)

  13. i like your dinim leggins very very much! and the outfit is so casual, but adorable in the same way. like it!

  14. looks fun
    and I love ur baaaaaaaaaaag

  15. wow! how cool is that?! i would really love to go there. looks like you had so much fun! i like how your casual outfit looks so chic.


  16. seems like a great trip to the zoo :D
    maybe bloggers should go for a trip to the zoo sometime ? hhahaha

  17. loves d shawl dear!


  18. looks like a nice trip you had
    been quite some time since i've been there
    love the shawls you are wearing :)

  19. ci anastasya,ini yofany yang kemaren.ahaha
    i'm lnkigyou

  20. itu link di blog ci,yang kmrn si bbrp ada. mau?

  21. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/

    x Valentine

  22. hei dear, nice to meet you too! i was having alot of fun with u guys! :D we should meet up again, sometime. :)


  23. Halo Tasya darlinggg :) yep it's too bad that we couldn't take any photos yesterday :(:( maybe next time yah? hihi. btw,thx for following me on twitter yah. I've followed u and linked u back yah! makasih atas pujiannya jg hehehehe *blushing

  24. gw baru sadar gw blm link elu!! gw link yahhh

  25. your trip to Taman Safari seemed nice! It's been quite a long time since I went there :( and thanks for the lovely comment kak!



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